Is all that frosting on your face necessary?

November 4, 2011
By Jill2728 BRONZE, Hemet, California
Jill2728 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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What is Natural Beauty? Is it flawless skin, perfect eye lashes or eye brows, beautiful colored eyes, or your face being natural beautiful with no make-up? Nine out of ten high school girls wear at least one essential make-up everyday when leaving their house. It serves as a shield to the outside world that makes them prettier then ever and more resident to anything the world has to offer.
As I walk down the halls in school I see girls with make-up frosted on their face. They try to enhance their eyes with dark black circles around them, by using eyeliner, or place on false eye lashes that actually make your eyes droop. The lipstick is to show everyone that their lips are “naturally” a soft peachy pink, when really it is to make the lips appear bigger. Cover-Up is the one essential make-up I see to be fine, but when girls choose a completely different shade of their skin tone to look “tanner”. Really? Silly. That’s all I say, and if you are a girl who does that make sure you blend it in all the way around your cheekbones.
Boys are thankful they don’t have to worry about all this self pampering. Why? Because their natural beautiful. Along time ago when cave-men roamed the earth they became confident in themselves. That’s what true natural beauty is. When people feel so comfortable with themselves, they naturally burst into a beautiful butterfly. They don’t need any make-up to make them self feel special, they just know that they are beautiful from inside and outside. Not only have they accepted themselves for who they are but they let the world accept them for who they truly are.

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