October 23, 2011
By i_Kho BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
i_Kho BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
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“Hey Generosity!” yelled Excitement across the room. Excitement is Generosity’s best friend; she always encourages Generosity to get out and make charitable acts because she thinks it will help the world. “Shhh,” Generosity whispered, “We’re in an exhibit!” He was aware there were people reading and listening to tour guides. “THE HUMAN BODY!” Excitement proclaimed as she touched the dry muscle tissue of a real body. “Ew! That’s gross. Here, have some hand sanitizer.” Generosity’s big soft hands squeezed the little bottle empty. Excitement rubbed her hands furiously as half of the liquid fell on the floor. “It’s time to go.” Generosity said. “But we just got here!” whined Excitement. “We must let other kind people see this extraordinary exhibit too.” Generosity inferred. So they both walked quietly and left the museum.

The garage smelled like filtered car exhaust and oiled concrete. Walking through the dimly lit, moist garage, Generosity saw a fellow pedestrian drop his museum identification card. He quickly picked it up and rushed toward the man. “Thank you!” the man said sincerely. This event sparked Generosity’s mind, thinking of his future career, being the president. He was extremely concerned with the state of the union. Generosity viewed the whole world as a family he needed to support. Fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers would all attain success and peace in his vision.

Excitement sprinted to the car and jumped into the driver’s seat. “You know, if you ran for president, I would totally vote for you.” She said. Generosity smirked up his face as the car veered around the corner into the urban wonderland.

The author's comments:
Well, I thought about how the term "generosity" could be personified. I intend this article to speak to the internal aspect of human beings.

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