Essence the beauty of trees

July 27, 2011
Whatever happened to all the trees? The world used to be populated with trees. But now they are being replaced with office buildings. The rainforests used to be wide and took up a lot of land but, now they are much smaller. Trees should be kept, not cut down.
Forests used to be pretty but now there arent as much trees. There used to be this tree by my house and i used to hide behind it during hide and seek and was never found. Later on it was cut down. Trees are beautiful and if we dont keep them then later generations will not see their beauty. Also, trees give us oxygen. If we cut them down then there will be less oxygen and it will be hard to breathe.
In conclusion, we should be saving trees and planting more not cutting them down. The forests would stay pretty. The trees will stay beautiful. We will be able to breathe well. What do we need more oxygen or office buildings?

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