Wishing Stars

May 19, 2011
By ilostmypen SILVER, Cape Town, Other
ilostmypen SILVER, Cape Town, Other
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"We're not in Kansas anymore" - Wizard of Oz.

As you grow up, from the moment you take your first glimpse at a life you are yet to experience, there is known to be a sweet fantasy you can’t escape hearing about.
It is warm and comforting, and is believed by almost every soul stretched out on the earth. Every human soul, from ever nation, from every background, unites in the belief of this sweet fantasy. Bringing warmth to the cold, love to the hated, turning frowns into smiles, its presence like the apricity in a winter storm.

It is believed that when one has the fortune of seeing a wishing star, whatever wishes be made would come true. Naturally, as human beings, we’ve put our dreams and hopes up so high we’ve all somehow given into superstition.

Although it is a scientific fact that there is a Wishing star, some don’t share others optimism to call it a ‘Wishing’ star.

As it dashes through the sky, it illuminates each of our eyes. Making no stops, it captures our thoughts, hopes and longings. Although none of us have confirmed whether or not this shooting star , or most commonly known as the wishing star, is a myth created by our burning desire to enlighten this worlds monotony, it has taken such an impact on our lives , that in my perspective its found a way to enable one to personally escape reality. A way of putting our minds apart from what defines reality, and letting our hearts be in control of our future.

I also believe that what is said to be a wishing star unwarily plays with the minds of young children, giving them a more or less sugar coated perception on life. Not only does it enable them to believe in hope, but trust. For when one wishes on a wishing star, due to its lack of presence, one sends out so much trust and hope, therefore building some sort of intimate relationship.

The author's comments:
Lol, my little cousin asked me whether whishing stars existed. So I was like, course. Lol, anyway, I wrote this when I was really bored.

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