May 24, 2011
By , alameda, CA
David, Alex, and Evan were in class waiting for the school bell to ring for summer vacation, and because David’s mom promised them that they would be able to explore 3 different cities in America they were juiced. After the bell rang David shouted “Free at last dudes, 12 cities here we come.” “Yeah man, its time to do some exploring.” said Alex

As they walked home Evan asked “Hey, did you guys pack up all your cameras, and stuff?” David replied “I got everything especially cameras, what about you Alex?” “I don’t have a camera but, oh well." Said Alex. As they got to David’s house, they saw David’s mom getting everything packed for the trip. “Hey boys, o.k. I have everything packed up and we’re going to L.A, Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe.” Said David’s mom. Before Alex and Evan left with David, they called their parents and told them bye…and that they will see them soon, in like 2 weeks …also xoxox.

As David’s mom was driving to L.A, she stopped to let them take pictures of cool movie theaters, malls, and as they were taking picture’s, David saw his old friend from elementary school Mirna. As Mirna was walking away from the movie theater, David ran and screamed “Mirna.” She turned around really quick and said “David, is that you?” They both ran and gave each other a big hug. David invited her to go on the voyage with them and she said yes.

They drove and drove until they got to Las Vegas. As they got to Las Vegas, they were all excited just to step foot in Las Vegas. As they were sight seeing, Evan and Mirna yelled at the same time saying “Look at that M&M factory.” After they said that, Alex tried to run to the M&M factory, but David, Evan, Mirna, and David’s mom had to pull him back. They took pictures of themselves standing next to statues, and taking pictures of themselves standing in front of very big hotels. Before they left Las Vegas David’s mom Let Alex take a picture in front of the M&M factory.

While David’s mom was driving she said “O.k., I hope you guys are ready to go back to California, because we have to go to Lake Tahoe then take Mirna back home to L.A.” And everybody responded saying “Lake Tahoe here we come.”

As they got to Lake Tahoe, they saw melted snow and it was sunny outside. Everybody had sweat jackets and hoodies. While they were walking around the woods in Lake Tahoe, Alex saw some different animals like, raccoons, skunks, deer, and a couple of moose's. They were all very scared, so they left early to drop Mirna off Then drove back to David’s house. They unpacked their bags and played video games while David’s mom was sleeping all day.

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