Tears of Mother Earth

May 11, 2011
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Can you see the world’s tears as it streaks the dusty façade we call life. Ripping apart the layers; hiding the curtain of deceit, violence, hatred, and every other thing that is black with humanity. Yes, our world has been torn to shreds leaving only rags of what was once the great thing that was humanity. Every where there is humans, there is violence, desperation, destruction. What begins as whole and good will quickly will be set upon by the greed of humans. You want evidence? Look at the rainforests of our world. They were once free of the sickness of humanity, its inhabitants at peace with it, taking no more than what they need. But soon this tropical paradise grew a target. Foresters want the tree; Builders want shopping malls and complex. This is just ONE out of millions of examples that everything humanity touches, soon will turn black. If we were not blinded by greed, the rainforest could probably have provided multiple cures with the technology we have today. To the err in humans, this opportunity is lost. Due to the lack of research done in the rainforest before we moved in, many species lost may have never been lost. Can you feel the claws that humanity swipes, made entirely of greed and every other thing that is dark in humanity. I would like to say this much, I don’t believe everything is lost. I’m not even saying that all of humanity is black with rot. For every darkness there is a light. Save the Rainforest protests the deforestation of our rain forests. There is more shelters for battered women than ever for women to go to. No, humanity hasn’t lost the game yet, but the darkness IS winning. Child Abuse is at an all time high. Gang wars are up to. I believe that our mother earth is truly drowning us in her tears of sorrow. Unless we do something, anything our world will no longer have any light to it. Maybe you can stand a world that has no hope, no chance to recover the goodness that was once predominated in humanity. I am not able to see this and not say something. You don’t have to agree with me, but even my staunchest opponent will have to admit the destruction our world is in now, and how it will become if something doesn’t change. Can you see the dusty tears now?

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aakash jain 027 said...
Aug. 31, 2011 at 1:07 am
very bad
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