Overpopulation: Could the world end sooner than We Think?

April 13, 2011
Population growth is a very big threat to our world today, and how we could be affected as one whole human-community. The human population is growing rapidly fast and we may not have enough resources in the future. Resources will soon run out, and people will be fighting each other for these necessities, resulting in unnecessary death. The effects of pollution, consumption, drastic climate changes, and the spread of diseases all are major factors in overpopulation. Overpopulation is wrong and we need to have a controlled number of people in the world. If people keep on having babies and that number goes up while the death number stays the same, we will run out of resources even faster than we already are. Every country should have a limit, depending on the number of people already in the country. Overpopulation is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with now. It is a huge threat to every culture, animal, living things, and is very important to research about.

Our population is growing rapidly fast making it hard for our earth to handle. In the article, “Controlling Population Growth is Essential”, the writer states that the population is growing very fast and is expected to go beyond nine billion by 2050. Because of this many resources will be gone, drastic climate change; spread of diseases, pollution and consumption of certain things will go up. Building housing for the growth of the people will keep deleting natural resources on the earth. Eventually do to all of these factors, many scientists have warned that population growth will eventually lead to an ecological and sociological crisis. Overpopulation is a huge issue because of the earth. The earth can not handle the growing human population, which will result in a devastating effect in the near future.

Furthermore, our overpopulated earth already has some terrible consequences such as, deforestation and depletion of natural resources. These factors have become disturbingly clear in the twenty-first century. The number of births and deaths are critical in understanding a countries growth and death factor. The first person to draw attention to our growing population was, Thomas Malthus, he said that because of our growing population there will be many disasters coming our way. According to the article, “Population Growth”, many greenhouse gases have been released into the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide. Overpopulation is something that has been debated but no conclusion has come into play. Our earth and resources will slowly start to deteriorate before our eyes if we do not do something to change all people’s ways.
Most people feel very strongly about this while others do not. Some people view overpopulation as an exaggeration and people should not be as concerned as they are. Many people should be very concerned about the overpopulation and not just think of it as hype or things untrue. Overpopulation and the world running out of resources is a cruel reality that people have yet to come to terms with. Many humans feel that they are living longer and better and that fears and concerns of overpopulation really do not even compare to the facts about population growth. Most people feel that overpopulation is just a myth and that humans are just over thinking things and everything will be alright. Others have thought of human growth as a “cancer” and it will just keep eating us alive. According to the article, “Exploding the Myth of Overpopulation”, Erich says “the chances of successfully feeding and otherwise caring for an expanding population are being continuously diminished.” They say that production is growing faster and more food is available for the population then needed, but eventually our resources will run out and we will have nothing to feed our population with. Now people are keeping themselves alive because of the production of food and other necessities, which is a big accomplishment in certain people’s eyes. While in others, it is a terrifying reality that every moment our world is growing with every birth. Although it is an accomplishment keeping more people alive than we used to, it is just yet another example of how we are keeping people alive and expanding our population.

These are all strong arguments about how population growth is a threat to our world we live in today. Resources running out faster then expected and more people being born each minute. In every government in a country the leadership should make a law about the number of kids each person can have. This could control our population a little bit better, and although many people may not like it, it will help keep everyone alive longer. Although many people think that the idea of overpopulation is highly exaggerated, it is something that needs to be dealt with now, before something bad happens to our whole population. Overpopulation is not an exaggerated topic but one that should come up in discussions much more often than it has. The population growth is an idaa that is very important in todays society. People in a society may think we have enough resources now, but are not thinking about what the next generation might not have enough of. Population growth is something that needs to be controlled and should be talked about within the higher authoritys of country.

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