A.C.E High School

April 7, 2011
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A.C.E High School has many good things about it, and there are some that are bad. The Good things are that there are many nice teachers. Although there are many good things there are also a few bad. One of the bad things about this school is the students don’t get a chance to defend themselves against others.

Many of the nice teachers here offer the students many chances to improve their grades. Some teachers also offer after school tutoring. Some of the many nice teachers at A.C.E are like Mrs. Antiporta, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Spotts. Mrs. Antiporta offers after school tutoring for more than one subject each day. Mr. Brown is known for his work with ASB. He also will define a word or sentence if you don’t under stand it. His Philosophy is, “If you want a student to know the material then tell them the material.”, Mr. Brown got that saying from a college professor of his. Mr. Spotts teaches physical education here at A.C.E. He wants all the students to be safe when playing a sport he is teaching. He takes the time to show you different ways of doing things.

The Bad thing about this school is that the students don’t get a chance to defend themselves against others. I know a young girl that goes to A.C.E that was having problems with another student and went to an administrator to tell them what was happening. The administrator did not listen to the young girl. The young girl was very upset and worried that the other student was going to try and hurt her. So the young girl refused to go back to class. The administrator then said they were going to call the young girls mother. When the administrator finally got a hold of the girl’s mother, her mother would not listen either. The young girl was then sent back to class, after already missing two class periods, and was lucky not to have that class with the other student that she was trying to defend her self against. I do indeed believe there is a problem here. Do you think that a student should get a chance to defend themselves?

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