To Be or Not To Be a Vegitarian?

February 24, 2011
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I don't understand vegitarians when the say, "I don't eat meat because I want to save lives." or maybe, "If you eat meat you're killing an innocent animal." I understand they don't want to eat something that someone killed. I just don't get how they believe that they're saving lives. You don't save a life of an animal by not eating it. If you don't eat it, it's still dead. Someone else is going to eat it. It's not going to stop people from killing animals.
Whoever, or whatever, created the Earth, created humans and animals, right? Let's say "it" created animals as a natural food source. Meat contains nutriens that you need. With out those nutriens it's hard to say healthy and survive. So why would, "it" put animals that contain something we need if we weren't meant to take advantage of that?
Fruit was once upon a time a living thing. We cut down trees, those are or were living. If you, a vegitarian, eat anything, maybe a birthday cake, you are technacally eating a living... or dead thing. Egg. A baby chicken.
My point of veiw? It's pointless to be a vegitarian. Animals are still going to die. People are still going to eat them. You're are just hurting yourself, and it's pointless.

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