Kill The wolves in Wyoming

December 3, 2010
By slick BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
slick BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Things that sneak around in the dark stalking there prey. They are wild and they are here to show that there are at the top of the food chain. They are the wolves and the have no right out side of yellow stone. Kill The Wolves.

The wolves are killing for sport. There are out to show who is the boss and they are doing that. The aren't hungry they are only eating what they think is good. Sometimes they aren't even eating that.

In 2008 the wyoming fish and game says that 36 cattle have died per rancher. 26 sheep per sheep herder. Do you think that is not much money well a beef cows is worth 1500 dollars and up. well a sheep goes for about 500 dollars per sheep. So that is a hole lot of lively hood gone right down the drain Alan Ferguson says that 1.3 million cows was lost of the past year. They don't care about the other animals they are out to show who is the boss or another words who is at the top of the food chain. There is one good thing to wolves they are keeping the population of thing like elk deer moose etc. Under control when it is not hunting season.

The wolves are pushing the animals in to the towns. Do you think that you dog is safe. Well I have news for you. The animals come to town well the wolves will follow to kill them here soon there will be no safe place. According to the wyoming fish and game in 2009 2 people died from wolves attack. The wolves are being hit as they run though the towns chasing game that should be in the woods in the first place. So do you want a 120 to 200 pound beast chasing a 6 point buck though your back yard ripping down your fence and eating your son as he is going by. Well there is two things you can do get a stronger fence or help me open up wolves to hunt like deer and elk. There is not a safe place they are out to kill any thing that is living they think that you are out threatening them and the do not done they will kill there is no mercy they will fight hard. So let us hunt them and you will be safe trust me.

We need to open wolves to a yearly hunt. The are over populating. There are so many wolves that they are not in the staying in yellow stone. They have moved down though the state following the herds of deer and elk. The lone herds have come down to towns where they think they are safe but there not the wolves will follow. I was just up above town driving with my dad when a wolf came running in front of the truck chasing a deer. The wolf was hugh and it was above Evanston which is at the bottom of Wyoming so they have come a long way to get down here. If you let us hunt them they will stop killing for sport. They will because they will need that meat. They will stay more to yellow stone where they want be hunted. The deer will leave town to go back where they need to be. The wolves that was brought to wyoming was the wrong species there are just as big as the game that is in wyoming. They do keep the population under control so the are kinda good.

The wolf is a strong animal but not every thing about them is good you know. So I challenge you to help get wolves on the yearly hunt. They are not helping wyoming. But you can.

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