Global Warming

December 3, 2010
By marks BRONZE, Evanston,WY, Wyoming
marks BRONZE, Evanston,WY, Wyoming
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Global Warming is Bogus

How many times have you heard on the news about global warming or your parents talking about it? It is a debate that has been around for twenty years! It is always the same opinion on the news it is always true never the false opinion. The false opinion never gets out there because most people that think that way aren't noticed. I and many others think global warming is false.

The evidence from scientist is very persuasive but there are other reasons for these things that they haven't looked at for other possibility's. Their main evidence is the sea level is rising from melting glaciers. But that doesn't mean anything it is just climate change it has happened for millions of years.
But most scientist just blow off that idea of climate change. The ironic thing is that not even half of them are climatologist.

They also take pictures of places that twenty years ago where full of icebergs but know are iceberg free. But looking at the pictures they are two different pictures. One is a tropical island and the other is a island full of icebergs. They are trying to fool us into believing that the world is starting to get warmer due to pollution and air fresheners. We have been burning coal for over hundred years and global warming just started twenty years ago!

It is not possibly there were thousands of trains running every day and it just started pretty much yesterday. years ago scientist thought that cows where the main source of global warming. The reason for this was because when cows pass gas it is full of methane. As you can see that the idea seems very unlikely. I think they where just a little bored of the green house gases excuse.

Out of the 3,146 scientist that think global warming is true ( not including climatologist ) they only have the rising sea level and green house gases and nothing else. Instead of all that junk it is just climate change not pollution from fossil fuels or green house gases. According to the NCPA they have been concerned about the burning of fossil fuels rapidly heating the earth. Also according to U.S scientist think that may also be caused by sun spots that are hotter than the material around it. It is said if they are lined against the ozone layer than it destroys it and than heat seeps melting the icebergs and heating the earth. But then they think the sun is getting closer to earth which is heating the earth but it is not even plausible.

A survey by the NCPA in 2009 indicates that 57% of Americans believe that global warming is true and 16% believe it is normal climate changes and the other 27% are neutral. Ok so there are only 16% of us that think rationally in America and 27% just don't think about it. Then 57% percent of people think its true. Thats over half the population in the United States. What is the NCPA just handing out random information? How many people actually took this survey because I know I wouldn't of taken it.

So it all comes that there are two opinions to fall back on true or false or you can just stay neutral. But if you want the rational side of things chose false, but the if you want irrational theories than go for the true opinion.

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on Jan. 5 2011 at 5:49 pm
Bricheze SILVER, Salt Lake City, Utah
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I don't want to be rude, or discouraging. The fact that you have an opinion on global warming proves to me that you have at least taken the time to form one – which is more then what most people can say. But many of your arguments here are inherently flawed, they are logical, but if you looked at them in a deeper level, you can see that they are not entirely backed up by scientific explanation or concensus.

1.You state that “Their main evidence is the sea level is rising from melting glaciers.” However, that is not their main evidence. That is one of the main predictions of an effect from global warming that will drastically effect people in the future. Their main evidence is the correlation of rising global temperature with the rising of ppm carbon dioxide (270 ppm to the current 388 ppm) in the atmosphere since the industrial revolution.

2.What I got from your second argument is that while most climatologist claim that current warming trends are being caused by human activities, other scientists tend to disagree. In my opinion, we should be listenig to the scienticists who specialize in climate science when it comes to climate, then other scientists. Currently 97% of climate scientists are acvtiviely publishing papers the endorse man-caused climate change position.

3.They don't just “take pictures” they actually use GPS's to map the terminus (end of) the glacier. They then compare that data annually to see how much of a glacier is disappearing. They also take ice cores, calculate the density, use sattelite imagery, and do many other scientific procedures to research the amount of ice loss. However, pictures are easiest for the average citizen to understand, so they are used most to show the dramatic loss of ice.

4.You also bring up a point that says we have been increasing the amount of green house gases in the past centuary, but we have only seen the effects of this recently. Yes, because the cause and effect lags. It's not an instantenous effect. This is harder to explain, but I'll try. The reason why carbon dioxide is an important gas is because it directly effects the amount of water vapor that can be in the atmosphere. The more carbon there is, the more water vapor there can be. So carbon goes into the atmosphere, which causes water vapor to collect, and thusly raises the earths temperature. It's lags.

Climate is a complex hard to understand subject. Climate scientists do not “know it all” but they do know something. And because the effects of a man-caused climate change could be so catastrophic, we need to be taking it seriously, and not brushing it off with logical but uneducated arguments.

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