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Water is the Elixir of Life

November 13, 2010
By priyaverma SILVER, Chandigarh (UT), Indiana
priyaverma SILVER, Chandigarh (UT), Indiana
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Underground water is one of the key earth resources. Unfortunately, this resource has been depleting at an alarming rate. It is a matter of great concern. Water is indispensable for not only human beings, but for animals and environment as well. Due to increasing use of water for various domestic, commercial and agricultural purposes, water table of all over the world is going down at an alarming rate. People are not aware that the decreasing level of water is also one of the reasons of global warming. Scientists are of the opinion that the world will soon become a desert due to the lack of proper management of underground water resources. In some parts of the country like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh in India it has been reported that due to the decreasing underground water level the trees and forests have been destroyed. Protecting water resources is vital for the conservation of all species which are extincting very fast.
Considering the gravity of the situation, I have innovated some useful techniques/ideas of rainwater harvesting to increase the underground water resources, which is useful not only to India but to the entire world. The techniques/ideas which I have highlighted in my project “Increasing Underground Water Resources”, have been recognized by the government of India, UNEP and other organizations worldwide. Some of the eco-friendly techniques are Funnel System, Polythene cover System, Less Water for Plants-Growing plants in sand, gravel, liquid without adding soil, Pits/ recharge well system, etc. These techniques/ ideas are universally applicable, globally novel, cost effective, eco-friendly, and utilitarian. I am the innovator and working on the project since 2006 and creating awareness for the conservation and preservation of precious water in the world through my innovations. I have highlighted the devastating impact of the decreasing level of the underground water level and succeeded in bringing this burning issue to the public notice and received worldwide appreciations and awards. My project was displayed in the International Project Gallery-2007 by the UNEP (Volvo adventure) at Goteburg, Sweden. The Pogo channel has telecasted it on November 12, 2006 and it has been displayed in the smk.org.uk and TakingITGlobal Website. The project has been sent to UNO, UNDP, UNICEF, WB, Water aids UK, and international organizations and countries with the appeal to adopt these useful technologies to save precious water. Recently my paper has been selected by the Working Group on Global Warming for their international conference & Expo10 at, London, UK to present at the conference in Nov 2010 .

“Even Small Tips can do wonders to conserve water”

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The depleting condition of our underground water resources in the world has inspired me to innovate this project for the conservation and preservation of water resources in the world.

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