October 20, 2010
By EmmyEms16 BRONZE, New Oxford, Pennsylvania
EmmyEms16 BRONZE, New Oxford, Pennsylvania
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Hunting, cruelty or care?
A lot people say that hunting is wrong, Such as deer hunting. I am a hunter, and yes I am a chick. I say that no hunting is not wrong. It actually helps to control the population. We see so many deer being hit by cars, but when hunting season comes around it helps them to avoid that. Yes they are going to be in pain either way I suppose, but being shot is an instant death without suffering, when a deer gets hit by a car it suffers a lot more because they usually don't die right away. If we didn't hunt then even more deer would be getting hit. Part of this is also because we keep destroying their homes just to build more houses, which we don't need. When people hunt we don't just kill the deer so it's dad then not do anything with it. We do use the meat to make food, just like people do with cows, chickens, and turkeys. It's the same thing. So if you really sit down and think about it we aren't being cruel by hunting we are helping not only the deer but also ourselves.

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