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October 25, 2010
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Oil Spills, Global Warming

Have you ever wondered about what Littering or Oils Spills do to the environment?

Or have you thought about Global Warming and who it effects the most. I have and figured out that all of these problems kill animals in one way or another.

To begin, Littering is an important environmental problem. It causes harm to animals, waterways, and people. Liter makes places look bad and prevents tourist from coming. Liter can harm or kill animals. The animals it hurts the most is birds, birds can choke and suffocate by plastic going around there neck. Above all animals Marine life is effected by littering, people through containers of empty things into the ocean which cause small animals to get trapped under and die, or get injured. Liter gets into the water many ways, but one way it gets into the water the most is by people throwing trash into rivers, oceans, and the sea. People liter because they are lazy and don’t want to throw their piece of trash into a trash can or a recycle bin.

Global Warming has caused Polar bears to be a threatened species. 20,000 to 25,000 live in the Arctic. A study that 22% of polar bears declined in numbers in the Hudson Bay. Another study showed that because of global warming the survival of cups reduced and polar bears lost weight in Alaska’s Southern Beaufort Sea.

Finally, Oil Spills happen on purpose or on accident. Purposely would be like terrorists, war, vandals, or dumping. Accidentally, would be weather or earthquakes.You can tell it’s oil because oils floats and is lighter than oil. It affects mostly marine life like fish. Us humans use about 2.73 billion gallons a day. The U.S uses 710 million gallons a day. Oil Spills come from storage tanks,oil wells, tankers, and vessel cleaning. We transport 31.5 billion gallons over the sea.

Next time you think about throwing that McDonald's cup on the floor think that you will see it for the next 500 years. When you through it into the sea think about all the marine life. Those are barely some of the dilemmas the world faces today.Around the world you will start to see changes so u might want to start doing changes yourself. You can do a lot to change the world and you will see how the world can change you.

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