A letter to the President.

September 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear Mr. President,

I am Melissa.A regular student in Modern Community School.I am writing you this letter so maybe you can help...People face many issues on the streets,on their way to home or to work...But I am going to talk about two issues that are the most efficient.The first issue is Non-urban roads in Lebanon.Roads should feature good facilities to enable safe travel and transport for people.This means that roads should offer good accessibility and transport quality,as well as allow journey time at law transport costs.So,the focus should be directed more towards targeted safety improvment programs,as well as demand and traffic management,and with respect to local roads and streets,the focus should be directed towards coordinated planning,traffic calming measures,as well as road safety improvements to protect vulnerable road users.
The second issue is congestion!More and more cars appear on our roads each year,causing congestion and polution.Gassses liberated by the exhaust pipes of the cars is effecting on the atmosphere;that prevents heat from the sun to reach the earth in a big quantity is now loosing its ability to prevent!And this is "Global Warming"!
Finally,I want to say that the aim of this letter is to identify and analyze road safety problems in Lebanon,as based on available accident statistics.Further,another aim of this letter is to identify and analyze the safety deficiencies of non-urban roads in Lebanon,and develop proposals and guidelines on how to improve safety on these roads!
And thankyou for reading my letter.

The author's comments:
My english teacher in school inspired me to pretend to write a letter to the president,telling him about problems that people are facing in our country.And I wrote in the letter the most efficent issues that people are facing in their eveyday life.

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