June 3, 2010
By JoeyR BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
JoeyR BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Nowadays most people who are environmental activists are worried about the environment, from the omission of green house gases to global warming. Earth is facing many problems made by man. Pollution has been tearing a massive hole in our ozone layer and the fault of that lies on everyone’s shoulders. Next time you want to open your car window and throw out your fast-food wrappers think about what that is doing to your environment. Recycle it or even dispose of it properly, by throwing it in its designated trash bin or recycle bin. Once a week walk around your city and pick up garbage for an hour or two. It really makes a difference. Instead of just having a garbage can at your house get some recycling bins and recycle. That might not look like much but all the extra waste not put in a landfill adds up and the stuff you recycle can be used again. So next time when you are about to throw something out your window think about what that is doing to the environment. Remember, recycle!

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