Go Green! One Person at a Time

May 27, 2010
By , Seattle, WA
The cars we drive today are among the top CO2 producers in the world. For each gallon of gasoline used, 19.4 pounds of CO2 is emitted into the air we breathe. CO2 is a greenhouse gas and threatens to raise the temperature of the Earth through global warming. With this warming, many organisms which cannot withstand such heat will die off. Something that we can do to slow down global warming process is to make smart choices with transportation

The average car in the United States is 20 miles per gallon so roughly, one pound of gasoline is put out into the air for every mile a car drives. The Lake Washington Bridge in Seattle and Mercer Island, measures approximately 2 miles long. Let’s say that every day, 20,000 cars cross this bridge. When you add up all the miles traveled, that’s 40,000 miles traveled. This means that daily 40,000 pounds, 20 tons, of CO2 is produced on this bridge alone. That’s quite a lot of CO2 emitted.

Think about all the places you could have walked instead of driving if you just took the time. Maybe your parents drive you to the bus stop or the park. Get off of Facebook or whatever you’re doing and take an extra 10 minutes to walk instead of taking a car. This may not seem like a difference because it’s only one person, but like from the movie Evan Almighty, you change the world with one single act of kindness at a time.

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