May 7, 2010
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Opinion Essay

In this essay I will talk about. Why people shouldn’t poach animals and some of the consequences if they do decide to poach. If you get cough poaching the DNR officer or the sheriff will make you pay for what you have done. Or they could take away your guns and your privileges to ever hunt or fish ever again.

What they do to make you pay back for what you have done. They will make you pay a big fine because of your wrong doing. Because its illegal I shoot an animal out of season. They should go to jail because its not right to do that to the other hunter around the area. And they should also do community service because of the wrong doing .

Than they could take your guns away. They would do that because then you wouldn’t have a gun to shoot anything with. They also could suspend your license and take your car away. And if your cough poaching they will take your animal away that you shoot.

They will take away your hunting and fishing privileges away. So that they you will not be able to hunt game. They also could take your guns rights away because from what you did.

So if you want to poach any animal your privileges to hunt, fish, and driving might be taken away. But just rember that that’s just a few things that could happen to you so my advice is not to do it.

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