The Right to Keep Your Skin

April 22, 2010
By swimtiger624 BRONZE, Tenafly, New Jersey
swimtiger624 BRONZE, Tenafly, New Jersey
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Using animals to make clothing is like using human skin. We take them away from their habitat, and ship them to a place where their skin is shaved. Their skin is then sent to clothing factories to finish off a designer’s latest collection. Have you ever thought about how they must feel? They have feelings just like us. Some people don’t think animals can feel pain, but they feel it everyday. Animals are just as important as plants, to our lifestyle. Taking advantage of animals for their skin, so we can have nice clothing is just wrong. Have you ever thought about those 80 – 100 million animals, that are being tortured or killed each year so we can walk around showing off marvelous pieces of clothing?

Animals have emotions, such as being sad, happy, mad or depressed. Just because they express it through a different way, doesn’t mean that they don’t feel what we do to them. We treat animals like dirt all the time. Yet we never appreciate all the good things they do for us, like how cows produce milk, or how chickens produce eggs. If we keep murdering animals so we can keep being materialistic, what are we going to do when we run out of things we need? Pain is something we feel everyday. We feel it through emotional or physical pain. Animals are just like us they feel pain. So why do we keep bringing them pain, if we know what is feels like? We know that it would hurt a lot to be caged and tortured. With us killing millions animals every year, so we can be clothed nicely, we might not have a good habitat to live in, in a couple of years.

We always worry about how if so many plants die our lifestyle would change so much. But have you ever worried about how if there are so few animals left on Earth, our life cycle that intertwines with theirs would be so different? For example, cow’s manure is greatly appreciated by farmers, because of the nutrition it gives to the grass. Without cows and their manure, what are we going to be able to use for our grass? What about how animals live with us from day to day. Dogs, rabbits, cats, horses and many other animals we use as pets. They are there when we are sad, they play with us when we are lonely and help us think through our problems. And if we continue to kill those lovely pets just to satisfy our needs of clothing, who is going be there to pick up our mess when we lose a relative or get our heartbroken? Sure clothing is important because we can’t just walk around naked, but why can’t we just wear clothing that doesn't need materials that need animals to be killed?

Clothing is a big part of our life. It’s what we use to express our personalities to others without even speaking. If someone to walk into a room with bright colors, I would automatically think that person is peppy. Things like this are what give people first impressions of us. So clothing is a big deal. Not only is it a big deal, but also it’s huge because we can’t walk around unclothed. Some people always ask what should we use instead of animal skin to make clothing? Well that’s a great question and there are so many possibilities. Such as, cotton, flax, ramie, nylon, polyester. These few suggestions are all used for clothing and no animals had to be hurt to produce them! What about leather? Well there are so many other choices to use that don’t involve having to slaughter cows. Nowadays, there is so much technology that we can produce synthetic types of leather. Not only can we use this technology for leather, we can also use it for other materials, like wool or sheepskin. Through our lives we have developed numerous ways to avoid killing living things because it goes against what we believe in.

We were given the right to life, in the Declaration of Independence. If were deserve the right to life, why don’t animals? They live among us, feel what we feel and do many things that we do. It’s not fair to them if we just take away their life so we can continue to be materialistic. We shouldn’t be hurting them, so we can live a enjoyable life. What about their life? Don’t they deserve to live a nice, long life, without having to worry whether their life is in danger?

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