Wasted Wonderland

April 19, 2010
By InsaneNinjaCupcakes BRONZE, West Plains, Missouri
InsaneNinjaCupcakes BRONZE, West Plains, Missouri
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We're all just a tag team of tragedy on our own personal stage of depression...

Did you know that our world is being destroyed by pollution? When chemicals and gases go into the air they destroy the atmosphere. Pollution causes more species endangered or injured and unable to care for themselves. Further more pollution causes serious health problems. If people understood the effects of pollution then hopefully they would they would try to prevent it. Therefore I believe that people should become more environmentally aware.
Our atmosphere is being destroyed by all of the chemicals and gases that are released into the air. When you burn things that aren't meant ot be burned the fumes from it drift into the atmosphere.Even chemicals are dangerous to the atmosphere. Without our atmosphere Earth wouldn't stand a chance, asteroids and meteors would hit Earth instead of being desintegrated by the atmosphere. Another thing would be that the Sun would burn up Earth because there would be no atmospher to keep the harmful UV rays out.
When an animal species becomes endangered, mostly everyone tries to help it become unendangered, right.But what people don't realize is that a lot of it is caused by pollution. When boats and/or people dump oil into a body of water it is very dangerous to animals. If they drink or get caught in it they could die. Sometimes animals get eat garbage thinking that it is food. Animals also get caught in garbage, like the plastic rings that hold drinks together.
Many people don't know that pollution is a leading cause of health problems. More than 100 active pesticide ingredients are suspected of causing cancer, birth defects and gene mutation.In 1987 the US released 250,000 tons of toxic chemicals into our water. 73 different kinds of pesticides have been found in potential drinking water.When humans are exposed to pesticides they create long term effects.
That is why I believe that people should become more environmentally aware. To stop the destruction of the atmospher.To save animals form becoming endangered or extinct. Lastly to help people from getting severe health conditions.

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on Sep. 24 2011 at 7:35 am
Rocinante SILVER, Wexford, Pennsylvania
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Good! I agree! Is "unendangered" a word though? And maybe proofread before you post; you made a typo or two. Keep writing. :)


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