My opinion on the DNR's fishing regulations

March 25, 2010
By Sam Porter BRONZE, Lodi, Wisconsin
Sam Porter BRONZE, Lodi, Wisconsin
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if you ask me the DNR has too much power. they can do whatever they want when they want.They don't care what other people think and they don't care how much they spend. just one example is, up at my uncles cottage in chetek. The Dnr took out all of the rusty crayfish. The weeds in the lake went out of control and when the weeds got over grown the fish would stop biting and just go and hiding in the weeds. now people have to pay alot of money just to use eco freindly weed killer so they will have a decent place to swim. most of the time i appereciate how the DNR is trying to protect the wildlife but some times they abuse thier power.

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