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January 17, 2010
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For many years now saving the planet has never been on my agenda but,after seeing how it affects our forest,animals and our planet all together i became intrested.After reading my essay you will understand how doing simple tasks can help the world.First,Heres how I became interested in going green.Everything all started two years ago while i was watching a special on how going green can help the world,I didn't really pay attention to the program until i heard how wasteful the world was.This made me think about the poor countries Like Africa,Sudan,Somalia and many others that could be using most of the stuff we waste but instead we don't care so we keep on wasting.The U.S. wasted so much of our resources that in a few years we could have a shortage on everything.Next,Here are some simple ways you can help save the environment.The easiest thing you can do is switch every incandescent bulb with compact fluorescents.They Last longer,they make the air more cleaner and they can also lower your electric bill.You can also help by turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth,by doing this everyday for a year you can save over two hundred gallons of water.The most efficient way to help the planet is by using reusable water bottles and a water filter.by doing this you can stop polluting the waters with plastic and you can stop buying water bottles.Last,To help even more you can join your local going green programs.Most places around the world have programs were you can help save the planet some of them help our oceans,forests,our air and our animals.These programs can be easily accessed by searching the Internet or asking your school.Join a program,get involved and help the planet the best way you can.Inconclusion,I want you to think about this essay and try to do all you can to help save our earth every bit of help counts.

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GoGreen said...
Feb. 2, 2010 at 3:49 pm
save the planet people
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