Le vite e le morte

January 16, 2010
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Fate is the pinnacle end of humankind - death being the final call for all of us, young and old alike. As soon as we are born we start to die – our body decays slowly over time but decays all the same. Many have gone out of their way to find the answer to this problem of death, but since crematoriums are still being filled to this day I am to take it that none have succeeded. So where do I stand in amongst the dying and the dead? Do I stand as a spectator or apart of the crowd? And that is when it hits you, that you will die one day - maybe not tomorrow or the day after that but one day. And it is because of that you want to experience life ever more so. But fate does not have to be the end, for where there is an end a beginning is created. I want to die happily knowing that I have left something positive behind – be that a child or a new way of thinking – a civilization, a sign. Countless endeavours to which I can claim too but none as positive or as thoughtful and useful as a tale of wisdom. And that is the process of life, to try and fined the ultimate clue to living – not to die. Wars, assignations, conspiracies, enslavement, paranoia, death and failure have come out in the process to try and find everlasting life. But look onto your world – look onto the religions and philosophies, cultures and people – and tell me that life is not eternal? We think of ourselves as one entity, caged in one body and controlling one fate. All our actions effect others action – and so intern effects everyone. To live forever is a crime against humanity – we all have our time and when that time is over we should move on, giving it to another generation. Earth has so much to share and the one thing that is the most spectacular, magical and majestic is life. And life will always carry on – immortal in the minds of the people, immortal in the new generation of life, immortal till the end of time. The human race has survived this much – don’t end life by letting the fate of Earth crumble under our ignorance. Let it flourish – let it sustain – let it die, but always keep the cycle of life and death. But not for you or humanity, but for those who have not yet lived. It is their right to see such beauty.

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JustAnIdea said...
Jul. 5, 2016 at 6:31 pm
I absolutely love your title :)
casey_lg said...
Jul. 30, 2015 at 8:41 pm
@Jamzze , this is beautiful. Keep writing!!
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