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Smart Phones Useful or Useless?
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“Phones are making us stupid idiots who can't function in today's society” that is something my 9th grade teacher would tell us almost everyday, but he was wrong our phones are making us smarter and smarter everyday. Smart... (more »)
Movies and Monsters
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Now I’m not saying that I hate small children, nor am I saying that they are completely useless, but I really, really, really, really don’t like small children. They’re loud, whiny little brats whose filter between their... (more »)
The Dark Side of 2pac
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What makes someone worth studying for? Especially when you don’t think there worth studying. Most schools don’t really study people and schools that do such as Luther Burbank we are unfortaunly studying Tupac. Now usually when we... (more »)
My Problem with Bratz Dolls
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My parents never permitted me to play with the Bratz brand dolls as a young child. They explained it to me when ever I wanted one, or received one as a gift. Besides being a bit unproportional, there was nothing wrong with the doll itself. It... (more »)
Listen For His Train
By , Mordor, United States
In Jimi Hendrix’s career he has brought the world great music and some serious talent to the table, that it be his lyricism, guitar playing, writing, or his performances.  The man was true inspiration to the people around the world... (more »)
Are eSports as Big as Sports?
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Competitive video gaming against professionals might just be the sport of the internet era. But what exactly is is eSports or competitive video gaming? It might be hard to believe that eSports are a massive event against professional gamers and... (more »)
Is Heavy Metal More Beneficial Than Bubblegum Pop?
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A few years ago, I was just going through my usual Friday night routine: come home from school, listen to some “Blessthefall” songs until I fall asleep. My routine was coming to an end when, all of the sudden, my sister barged into... (more »)
They're All the Same...
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Celebrities in this day and age carry a big importance in the way teenagers and young adults behave. If a teenager idolises a certain celebrity for whatever reason, they are more likely to grow in accordance to how they portray themselves.... (more »)
A Rare Romance
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I am at a minority.    In which, I mean, I have always been a minority.    I am one of those rare people who find romance, any type of romance, tedious. I read works of fiction and I roll my eyes the moment the Inevitable Love... (more »)
Why Smash Tiers Are Irrelevant
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Competitive Smash Bros gamers, we’ve all been there.  In the middle of a heated Brawl tournament, waiting our turn for the next match, prepping ourselves for what lies ahead. We get ready and psych ourselves up. I’ve got this.... (more »)
THH: All Hail the New Celeb-God, the YouTuber
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It has one face, several channels, thousands of followers, near immortality, and the capacity to engross a viewer for endless periods of time. Its web worth threatens to supersede rockstars, politicians, singers, and actors. And everyone wants a... (more »)
I Hate the Internet This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
By , Bogota, Colombia
Almost anyone will tell you that the Internet is a wonderful tool that connects the world. It brings people together. It gives us a voice and a place to share our opinions. Here is my opinion: the Internet divides us more than it brings us... (more »)
Jessie J and Her Songs
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I love Jessie J. But I'll understand if you won't believe me.   My bedroom walls aren't plastered-up with her posters. My study table doesn't have any merchandise with her face printed on it. I don't go to her concerts even if I really want... (more »)
Argument for Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor
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If you’ve ever heard this song you probably still know it, since it’s so catchy. Meghan Trainor broke boundaries with her first hit, All About That Bass and is now praised as a role model feminist. She preached positive body image... (more »)
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A Discovery of Happiness
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Anyone who knows me knows that I love Heath Ledger, him being my second favorite actor only to River Phoenix. Movies influence me greatly, so when an actor stands out to me, I am intrigued. And when I saw 10 Things I Hate About You, a romantic... (more »)
Top 5 YA Novels That Will Make You Swoon
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For the uninitiated, young adult romance novels are for those who are suckers for romance (like me!). If you’re into the boy meets girl, boy loses girl and the happily ever after or the tragic endings, chances are you’ve watched chick flicks... (more »)
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