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To the Concerned Parents and Educators of...
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To the Concerned Parents and Educators of Today’s Youth, America is diseased. This infirmity of culture is more damaging than Ebola, AIDs, and the Black Plague combined; the menace is nudity. While I fully support the... (more »)
Is Kim K. Being Replaced?
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What is all the buzz about young Kardashian sister, Kylie Jenner? This young, sexy 17 year old is the “new” face of the Kardashians, if you know what I mean. Like her older sisters, she has followed their footsteps into modeling,... (more »)
To Video Game or Not to Video Game
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Bam Pow! Your thumbs are twitching and you can feel your heart thudding in your chest. Ten more feet until you beat the game. You can feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins. And… Level Complete! You cheer with delight and feel... (more »)
The Beyonce Paradox This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
Beyoncé stood unapologetically on the VMA stage with the word “FEMINIST” glowing behind her against a dimmed backdrop. Her feet were firm on the ground, and her hands were defiantly by her hips. The striking visual was complemented by an... (more »)
DIisbanded But Still Missed
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For every generation there’s a band that has been looked up by teens, swooned by groupies and acknowledged by someone for saving his/her life. Thus, when this group of musicians broke apart, that massive joy felt by their fans resulted to the... (more »)
THH: None of Your Beeswax This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Taylor Swift’s love life is none of your business. It’s doesn’t matter if “Blank Space” or “Style” (or both) was dedicated to her affair with Harry Styles, either. If anything, that’s their business—emphasis on the two-person... (more »)
Dear Beliebers
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Justin Bieber was arrested drag-racing under the influence in a residental area. So why on earth was he let off scott free with only a bail that he could easily pay? I know that most of you Beliebers say that he's young and that he'll grow out... (more »)
Virtual Violence or Violence in Reality?
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Would you get enraged or aggressive when you lose a game? Perhaps you have some violent video games in your past? Video games are well known for their entertainment value for a wide range of ages. Video games have many types of genres like... (more »)
Persuasive Letter about Pinocchio
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  March 13 . 2015 Dear Literary Canon Board of Directors, I am writing this letter because I belief that Pinocchio should be in the classics of all reading books. The first reason I believe this is a great story because the... (more »)
Why Are We Obsessed With Celebrities?
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Celebrities are the hot topic of gossip everyday. Many cannot go a day without reading the juiciest news of the day. The public never seems to get enough of every intricate detail of celebrities’ lives. Why do people need to be informed... (more »)
A Letter to Tezuka
Dear Tezuka Kunimitsu,      Happy birthday! And congratulation to Segaku’s first championship in the National Tennis Contest!      You might be very confused when you receive this... (more »)
Ariana Grande Has A Problem
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Ariana Grande has 99 problems, and an infatuated fan may just be one. The American singer and actress, who rose to mainstream stardom this past year, may have shown her diva side after mishandling a situation with one of her fans.... (more »)
Should the Government Censor Social Media?
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Social media is a big part of modern culture, filling us in on information about the newest celebrities, or what are friends our having for dinner, but is social media actually bad for us? Many find social media a waste of time and want social... (more »)
I'm Famous, but I Don't Know Why
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I’m sure most of you people have heard about “Alex from Target.” I know I have. There are so many things wrong with that whole fandom, but what annoys me is that there are a million other people out there who deserve... (more »)
How to Make a Life by Working with Video Games
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The video game industry, as we know today, has grown immensely around the globe. People are becoming more and more passionate for video games theses days. Many people today now wants to actually work with video games. But there remains the... (more »)
Video Games or Your Brain, Do You Have to Choose
By , Essex, VT
You are sitting in a room, no one is talking and you are all staring at the screen of a computer. You are all testing out a new video game. You would think that this would be bad for you in many ways. It can be if you do it for too long but if... (more »)
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