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Who is Eminem? Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers, is a white male rapper who was one of the few who changed the rap industry forever, for the better. Eminem started his career when he flew out to California looking for an opportunity to... (more »)
Bob Marley Legacy
“In this bright future you can’t forget your past.” Bob stayed true to his words and most certainly didn’t forget his past. It shows in his songs and in the way he lived his simple life. He is an iconic figure not just... (more »)
Miley or Hannah?
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  Do you remember Hannah Montana? Was she a bad influence? Was she a good influence?          I remember Hannah Montana as if I was watching her on TV yesterday.  Hannah Montana   was a good and bad influence on young kids. She... (more »)
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Women and Villiany
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Women and villainy. It seems as though from the beginning of time womanhood has been synonymous with wrongdoing and evil, starting with Eve in the biblical creation story of "Genesis". Hollywood today seems to not be doing much to... (more »)
All Players Ready?
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“There's no good games anymore!” “Why are all video games the same?” “Why are these games so bad?” These are things you hear a lot in the video gaming community. Today in the gaming community all you hear... (more »)
Led Zeppelin
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You constantly hear your parents griping about how the so-called good ol’ days are over. They’re right, in the world of music anyway. The reason that they’re right is because it isn’t 1972 when the most iconic rock song... (more »)
I Hate the Internet This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Bogota, Colombia
Ask anyone. They will tell you that the internet is a wonderful tool that connects the world. It brings people together. It gives people a voice and a place to share their opinions. Well here is mine: the internet divides us more than it brings... (more »)
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The Glorification of Stupidity
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The only reality behind these reality shows is that there is absolutely nothing real about them. The purpose of a reality show is to expose how celebrities live, but what they seem to keep failing at is to show the real truth. Many times in... (more »)
Video games
Like many teenagers my age, I like to spend my free time playing video games. Usually when I play video games it with one of the newer systems I have, The PlayStation 4, or on the computer. Although I mostly play with my newer consoles, I enjoy... (more »)
Defining Success
The definition of success for every individual is different. In most people’s minds being successful means having a lot of money, but for me that is not the case. Success, from my view, is achieving the things you want to achieve and... (more »)
Proud to be an American
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“I WANT YOU FOR US ARMY” -- we have seen this on posters, and online, but have you thought about what it means?  Thousands of men and women sign up to go overseas and put their life on the line to keep us and our allies... (more »)
I Don't Want to be Me Anymore
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Currently, the media plays a huge part in our lives. Lately, more and more people have been reportedly spending thousands of dollars to get cosmetic surgery to look like their celebrity idol. For example, London resident Claire Leeson... (more »)
The Queens Aren’t Barbies??
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When most people hear the word ‘pageants’, they immediately think of five year-old girls dressed up in little sparkly pink dresses, covered in layers upon layers of make-up with pounds of hairspray in their hair. Others think of a... (more »)
Literary Canon
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Dear Literary Canon Board of Directors, I think The Outsiders by, S.E. Hinton should be included in classics because it teaches us about friendship. I am writing this letter because I would like the book i chose to be a classic and literary... (more »)
Privacy and Security: A Universal Illusion
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As reported on September 1st, 2014, dozens of A-list celebrities had their private photographs of them in various states of undress hacked from their person files and "clouds" and were put on 4chan. Some are fake, as Victoria Justice claimed... (more »)
Besides Bieber This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
Early this year that teenage renegade boy wonder turned boy blunder Justin Bieber was arrested for resisting arrest and drag racing drunk with an expired license. They caught him with booze on his breath, Miami night wrapped around him like a... (more »)
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