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Emily's Room
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Emily LeRae Smith. For those who are unfamiliar with that name, Smith is a big social media "star" in terms of fame as well as noterity. She is most commonly known for her high amount of self harm scars. Smith's body is carressed... (more »)
Celebrity News: Blah Blah Blah
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“Oh Wow! Look at the gift Salman got Jacqueline!” “Arey wow, Saif looking smarter than ever! What is the secret to this remarkable weight loss?” “Wow Wow Wow. Does this mean Brad and Angelina aren’t... (more »)
Why I Hate Looking for Alaska This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Over 200 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List. A 4.15 out of 5 average rating on Goodreads. The School Library Journal 2005 Book of the Year. John Green’s Looking for Alaska must be the perfect novel. Right? I... (more »)
The Purge
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every one knows what movie the purge is right,when law becomes useless for 6 hours. And all hell breaks loose,but a few friends of mine wish that was real. And I will explain why this is a bad idea. For one, do you want to most likely die in 6... (more »)
The Dirty Dancing Behind Dance Moms
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Many people form opinions based on television when they haven’t already formed an opinion first-hand.  Television use today is causing perspectives to be misinterpreted from the television to the actuality of real life.  ... (more »)
America, the Celebrity Mothership
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Throughout history, celebrities have always been the focus of many people, from their unique ways of being the center of attention to their amazing talents. It is human instinct to follow the herd, so becoming a fan of a celebrity is an easy... (more »)
Marvel: In-Depth
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Marvel is a comic business that came out in 1939. It is owned by Stan Lee who has the best movie cameos ever. Marvel is known around the world and makes a lot of money from comic book sales. Recently I went to a comic book store with my family... (more »)
Prince and Prophet
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“Life is just a party and parties aren’t meant to last… so if I’m gotta to die,  I’m gonna listen to my body tonight.” Those are the lyrics from “Party Like Its 1999”, one of the late... (more »)
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Why We Write
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The art of writing is possibly one of the most beautiful of the skills man has been given. The best way to tell a person's character and personality is to know what their favorite book is. And when people speak of famous men, an author or two is... (more »)
Fame: It Is Not What It Is all Cracked Up to Be
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Imagine a world where you turn on the television and do not see a story about Britney Spears shaving off her hair, all the celebrity gossip disappears. Once someone enters the world of fame, they change. They go from being photographed by their... (more »)
Reality Overload
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As said by Georgia Jagger “Reality TV rots people’s brains(Twitter).”  Reality TV results in children and teens becoming sexist or believing in stereotypes. Reality TV ruins common morals and causes children and teens to... (more »)
Perfectly Imperfect
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The sparkling mirror of an ocean, hugging a sandy beach, all just to frame a beautiful girl’s bronze colored face. Captioned, “Pleasure in paradise.”  A typical Instagram square anyone might see while scrolling casually... (more »)
Celebrities and Their Negative Influences on...
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The day the 1989 album came out, October 27, 2014, my friends and I were discussing about how beautiful, talented, and cool Taylor Swift was. We wished we could be exactly like her. I started wondering why we were wasting our entire lunch time... (more »)
How Does Downloading Music Illegally Impact the...
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A report published by the BPI (British Phonographic Industry), found that 7.7 million people have illegally downloaded music worth almost one billion euros over the past few years. Almost everyone has downloaded music or movies illegally at... (more »)
Wild Animals as Pets?
By , Towson, MD
I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across a picture of a young Melanie Griffith lying in bed with a lion. At first I thought this is Photo shopped who would let their young child touch much less lay with one of the deadliest animals... (more »)
Gwen Stefani
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Gwen StefaniI was at a Best Buy with my dad and Christine, his girlfriend at the time. We were in the CD section of the store. She picked out CD for are carried. Now when we were in the car, she popped the CD in the player and “Wind it... (more »)
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