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The New Era of Gaming
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Teen games are often filled with blood and violence. But in this age kids are starting to play them earlier and earlier to a point where they are becoming the new E games (everyone games for kids age 4-10). There are many reasons why this is... (more »)
Do Video Games Relate to Reality?
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What do you think about video games? Mostly everyone thinks video games are bad for you and that you shouldn't play them. In reality they are not bad for you and I will give you some reasons why. So fasten your seat belts as I give you some... (more »)
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Who is a hero? The amount of attention the media gives celebrities suggests that they are today's heroes. For example, when a celebrity goes to jail for driving under the influence, everyone has to know. Yet, when an average person saves an... (more »)
In Memory of Shaheed Junaid Jamshed
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JUNAID JAMSHED! A man too good to be forgotten so easily! It has been quite a few months since we lost him but our hearts still bleed tears for the departed soul! What inspires us most about him was not his personality itself although that too... (more »)
Analyzing Trinas Role in "Falsettos"
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With open homosexuality on the rise in the late 70s and early 80s, the nontraditional family structure became increasingly prominent in the everyday American life. This idea of the nontraditional family was explored in Falsettos, a musical... (more »)
One More Light
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Who cares if one more light goes out? / In a sky of a million stars, croons Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington on their recent song “One More Light”, only to follow up saying I do, a few lines later. That song, and many others... (more »)
Is Social Media Toxic for Teens?
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Many teens nowadays are on social media. It is a forum to connect to friends, share pictures, and for recreational use. Although social media could be described as fun there are also many negative effects that it can have on a teens mental... (more »)
Racial Diversity on TV
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Does having racial diversity really matter on our TV screens? From the early years of television, a special form of media has shaped the way viewers response to other cultures from ratings to popularity, this bright screen might have been... (more »)
Books to Movies
By , newholland, OH
In my opinion the book was sooo much better than the movie. The book brings more and describes little details. Plus the movie left a lot of important details like with the pen sword in the book you twist the pen and in the movie they clicked the... (more »)
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Simone Biles was born on March 19, 1997 and is currently 19 years old.  Simone’s nickname is $imoney, and she is widely known for being an artistic gymnast.  Simone first got into gymnastics at the age of six.  When she was... (more »)
Why We Need to Stop Assuming
By , east northport, NY
You have to live under a very large rock to not know who Selena Gomez is. When people hear her name they immediately think of The Disney Channel and her having the most amount of followers on Instagram. Most people don’t associate her... (more »)
Great Dream
By , Chicago, IL
In the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Nick Carraway narrates a story about a man named Gatsby who has done everything all the name of Daisy. Daisy is a married women who used to date Gatsby but couldn’t wait any longer for... (more »)
Advertisements Much?
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Advertisements! Advertisements! Advertisements! All around a world rather different worlds of brands influencing us in every possible way.  They stare at us from every nook and every corner. The banners, posters, pamphlets each of them... (more »)
The Joker, The Protagonist
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Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, and the movie the Dark Knight is no exception to his reputation, or is it?  Throughout the whole movie Christopher Nolan wants you to think that Bruce Wayne of Batman is the hero... (more »)
The Weeknd's Reminder for Us All
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Like any other high school student, I am a big fan of the weekend. After five days of tedious juggling of studying for that last minute chemistry test, rushing to the after school debate club meeting and then going home to see that your dog has... (more »)
Console Wars
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Since there are so many people that play video games, i’m going to give you my opinion on which console is the best to play video games on. I personally like computer games because you can change more settings like the graphics and... (more »)
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