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Advertisements Much?
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Advertisements! Advertisements! Advertisements! All around a world rather different worlds of brands influencing us in every possible way.  They stare at us from every nook and every corner. The banners, posters, pamphlets each of them... (more »)
The Joker, The Protagonist
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Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, and the movie the Dark Knight is no exception to his reputation, or is it?  Throughout the whole movie Christopher Nolan wants you to think that Bruce Wayne of Batman is the hero... (more »)
The Weeknd's Reminder for Us All
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Like any other high school student, I am a big fan of the weekend. After five days of tedious juggling of studying for that last minute chemistry test, rushing to the after school debate club meeting and then going home to see that your dog has... (more »)
Console Wars
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Since there are so many people that play video games, i’m going to give you my opinion on which console is the best to play video games on. I personally like computer games because you can change more settings like the graphics and... (more »)
Argument on Social Media Between Celebrities
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I have an opinion on how rappers (celebrities) argue on social media and brag about fighting. I think that if you have enough money and know that you don’t even have to prove yourself to anyone there shouldn’t be any reason why... (more »)
I Am a Teenager Because
By , South Jordan, UT
I am an average teenager because… I listen to a lot of music in my freetime. Usually what I do is i hook my phone up to a speaker I keep on my window seal, and I blast music all the time. I can’t do it as loud at night... (more »)
Gamer Girl
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As a female growing up in the early twenty-first century, I am constantly being thrown between being grateful for the women who came before me and fought so hard for women's rights on equality while also looking towards the future on how... (more »)
Is Tupac Worth Studying?
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Smoking weed, drinking, promoting violence, and calling women b****es, this was the meaning of Tupac and his violent nature as the most well known rapper in Hip-Hop culture. His young adult life was very hard on him, his mother was a addict and... (more »)
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Why Dogs Should Be Allowed in Hotels
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Let's get right to it. Dogs should be allowed in hotels. Studies show that when dogs are away from their owners for too long they tend get depressed. And I mean, I think it’s the same when owners are away from their dogs for to long.... (more »)
How to Get Through Senior Year
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Congrats! You are almost there. After three years, the day finally comes. You are a high school senior, eager to step out of this prison walls. All summer long you’ve told yourself that this is your year. You have goals and this year is... (more »)
Retirement Isn't Only for Humans
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Imagine being in an enclosed space for a majority or all of your life. You become dependent on the people in control of you and you’re never able to go outside of the borders set for you. You don’t have enough space to live, but for... (more »)
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Kian Lawley's videos have a positive effect on teens and young adults. Now this may come to a surprise to some of you and you may have tons of questions such as, “Whose Kian Lawley” “What does he do, Why is he... (more »)
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Being amongst most kids growing up, watching television as a kid was the best thing. As a kid, I would always wonder who voiced the animated characters and how people got to be in shows and movies. Being young I wanted to star in shows and... (more »)
Emily's Room
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Emily LeRae Smith. For those who are unfamiliar with that name, Smith is a big social media "star" in terms of fame as well as noterity. She is most commonly known for her high amount of self harm scars. Smith's body is carressed... (more »)
Celebrity News: Blah Blah Blah
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“Oh Wow! Look at the gift Salman got Jacqueline!” “Arey wow, Saif looking smarter than ever! What is the secret to this remarkable weight loss?” “Wow Wow Wow. Does this mean Brad and Angelina aren’t... (more »)
Why I Hate Looking for Alaska This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Over 200 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List. A 4.15 out of 5 average rating on Goodreads. The School Library Journal 2005 Book of the Year. John Green’s Looking for Alaska must be the perfect novel. Right? I... (more »)
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