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Sneaky Celeberties

May 2, 2018
By Anonymous

Celebrities do not need to respect laws because they have all the rights in the world. Actually, celebrities do not have all the rights in the world and they are also required to respect laws. Society treats celebrities as if they are above all, and this allows celebrities to repeatedly commit unlawful actions. Celebrities should make the right decisions because their actions influence their supporters. Also, everyone is and should be treated equally as a normal human being. Celebrities should be held accountable for their wrong actions because everyone should be treated equally.

People who support celebrities often look up to them as a role model. Fans are influenced by celebrities because of their status and actions. If a celebrity chooses to do a wrong action, people will consider it acceptable and commit the same crime. Celebrities’ supporters will have to face consequences if they do something illegal. This is not right because the influence may have come from a role model. Another reason why celebrities should be penalized is because people will start to hate and protest against the celebrity. Parents want to protect their children and make sure they grow up making smart decisions. If a child looks up to a celebrity that repeatedly makes wrong decisions, the parent may not want their child viewing the celebrity as a good person. Celebrities that have gained a wrong reputation will cause people to turn against them. Celebrities will influence people of all ages, so they should be penalized when committing a crime.

Celebrities are human also, so they should be treated like any other person. Celebrities were once considered as regular people, so why treat them any different? Celebrities make mistakes also, so they should be penalized for a wrong action like any other person would. Just because celebrities have fame does not give them a right to commit crimes. Celebrities should not use their fame to get away with actions that are against the law. Laws are made to protect us and celebrities should respect them just like everyone should. In conclusion, celebrities are regular people also who should not be treated any differently.

Some would like to argue that celebrities have a high status, so this gives them a right to break the law. Since celebrities have large fan bases, the fans will not be happy if their role model were to be put in jail. However, supporters should not be influenced by unlawful people.  Most people will listen to someone with a higher status than someone with a lower status. I believe everyone should be heard no matter how big or small because every opinion matters. Lastly, breaking the law is illegal no matter how important a person is to society.

Wrong actions should be taken care of no matter who the person is because it could save a person’s life. Laws are made to protect us, and everyone should follow them. No matter how famous someone is, this does not give them a right to make careless decisions. Especially with an audience watching that person at all times, they should respect the laws. Also, it is not right for someone to be penalized when they thought the action was okay to do because they were influenced by someone with a high status. Everyone has rights and laws to follow, and if they are broken everyone should be treated the same no matter how high a person’s status is.

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