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April 12, 2018
By Happyturtle05 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
Happyturtle05 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Survivio Tips & Tricks

So, You have decided to become a Survivio player. Many people think that this game is terrible, a bad  rip off of PUBG or Fortnite. But really, it is a game of its own. It has a lot of the same characteristics, and the site even tells you to think of it as a 2d version of those games, but there are many differences. I have played for a while now, and i hope these tricks will get you some chicken dinners!
Ah, scopes. A large part of the game is trying to see more than everyone else. There are scopes all over the map, in 2x, 4x, 8x, and 15x, which only spawns every once in a while. If you find yourself in a battle with a huge scope, turn it down by left clicking the scope you want. A 4x scope is normally the highest you will find in a game, anything over that is awesome.
All over the map there are different structures: outhouses, warehouses, containers, red houses, green houses, and banks.
Outhouses: small, wooden structures. Break the toilet to see what is inside! Either very good or very bad
Warehouses: many crates, but i would not go to them unless you spawn right next to them, as so many people seem to go there for some reason.
Containers: Lots of these spread around. GO TO THESE OVER AREAS WITH CRATES!!!!
Red Houses; Average houses, normally good loot
Green Houses: Very good loot, but be prepared to fight your way out.
Banks: GET IN AND GET OUT. The vault takes a while to open, and the walls will give you good loot. But, everyone will be there in under 1 minute
Police Stations: Also get in and get out. This place is even

Weapon overview
The first gun that you will normally find, the M9 is a pistol that can be effective when you have 2, but trade them at the first opportunity.
An auto SMG. First auto you are  probably going to see in game.
Glock 18 cal
Machine pistol.  Trade for ANY AUTO WEAPON
This auto SMG has a very large spread, making it ideal for close and medium range
Burst, pretty effective, but i really do not like it.
A good shotgun. Not really much to say about it though.
A shotgun. Pretty good, but common.
One of the best shotguns, the Saiga 12 is a powerful shotgun. My favorite for close range, as it will 1 or 2 shot people without armor
Take this over a M9, but drop at pretty much any opportunity
It's an AK-47. What else can I say
Another Sniper.
Highlight: Mosin nagant
WOO HOO! MOSIN NAGANT! Use this only when you have an 8x scope or above. A VERY powerful sniper, it takes a while to reload, but will kill an unarmored player from long range in 2 shots.
Highlight: FAMAS
Favorite. Weapon. Ever. This is a burst that is extremely powerful, but not that common. If you have ammo, pick this up pretty much any time you see it.
Auto assault rifle. Very good late in the game.
Mk 12 Spr
A semi-automatic  rifle. Use with a high scope. Similar to Mosin Nagant
An automatic, pretty good for medium to late in the game.
As this is so new, I really do not know much about it, except that it is like a better version of the AK-47

There are many different strategies in Survivio, so here i will show you some of my best ones. Note: Some of these I only use in specific areas or at specific times, so DON’T GO THINKING THAT I AM A BUSHCAMPER!!

Barrel Trap
This one is very effective if you find a barrel near the spot of someone's death that has already been looted. Make sure the barrel is damaged, then lay down ammo by the barrel. Go and hide so that you have a direct shot at the barrel. When someone comes, shoot the barrel!
Hide in a bush. Wait. Shoot passerby with shotgun.
Team Rage
Have everyone in your squad fire at the same time at specific groups.
In a Squad: 2 players go to the windows, and one goes to each door on a house. Shoot them all.
In a Duo: One to each door, but the same otherwise.

Thank you for reading!


-- Alias po or Happyturtle.  

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