Are Celebrities Lives Really Glamorous?

March 22, 2018
By Anonymous

“I like the level of fame that I have. You get nice tables in restaurants sometimes, but fame isn’t something I find comfortable.” - Aidan Quinn Celebrities may look glamorous walking down the red carpet, but their life isn't so glamorous. Despite their fame and fortune, many celebrities may not be as happy as they seem. According to a recent study, true happiness doesn’t come from having lots of money or a big fan base on Instagram. It comes from having close relationships, having time to focus on yourself and your own growth, and to have connections with people in your community. Celebrities, though, don’t have these things. They don't have close relationships with people because they don't know if someone wants to be around them for their personality or their fame. Also, Celebrities don't have time to focus on themselves. Being famous gets busy because they have their jobs and social events they always need to go to. And, their life is always exposed to the public. They always have paparazzi following and people hover over them. And the media itself can be very hateful. There are people always judging the celebrity which can have an impact on someone's life The stress can cause them to go to extreme measures in life like drugs or getting in trouble with the law. They don't have true happiness.

To begin, it's hard enough to balance school, homework and after school activities. Imagine having to go to big social events, doing your job, getting fittings, and still finding time for yourself. A celebrity goes through this most days in their life. Having the pressure of such a tight and demanding schedule can really take a toll on a person. For example, Selena Gomez is a very popular celebrity with a large fan base who love her. Eventually, after years of being in the music and acting industry, she decided to take a little break. She couldn't take the pressure of fame and always having to put a smile on infront of her fans and she took some time off to deal with her depression and focus on herself. As you can see, celebrities don't have any personal time to take care of themselves, which can have an affect on their life.

Not only is this the cause for problems in a celebrity's life. Celebrities can also deal with loneliness. When they meet someone and become friends with that person, they don't know if the person wants to be friends with them for the fame and money or for the celebrity's personality. For example, there have been many instances where someone marries a celebrity, not because they love them but because it could make that person famous and rich. When a famous person finds out that people are only with them for fame, it can make them feel very lonely and hurt.

Finally, the media can ruin a celebrity's life. To start, a celebrity will always be judged and hated on, especially on the media. For example, many celebrities post photos on social media bases like instagram. Those celebrities can get judged on things like being “too small or big” or just other hurtful things. When someone keeps reading things like these, their self esteem goes down and bad things can happen. Some celebrities can fall into states of depression or just end up have a break down from hearing all these bad things. People don't deserve to hear those things, celebrities count. But that's not the only thing the media can do. It is well known that rumors are started around celebrities, some of these rumors can ruin their life. When a rumor is started about a celebrity, it spreads quickly and some of them can be so bad that a celebrity can't show their face. Rumors like that causes them to lose friends and sometimes jobs. Evidently, the media can ruin a person's life.

Fame and fortune does, though, have the good parts to it like earning lots of money, having many fans, and getting amazing perks like designer clothes and front row seats to shows. But I don't think this causes happiness. Even though these things are great, they are temporary and they cant give you much happiness. Yeah, it might be great to earn all this money, but imagine how depressed and hurt someone would be if it all got taken away. Sometimes, celebrities and famous people get very rude or greedy when they have lots of money. An attitude like that can cause people to hate them and it might ruin their career. Having all these things may be nice, but it will have an effect on people's lives.

In closing, celebrities don't get true happiness from their lives. They don't have any time for themselves, they get hated on, and they may form bad attitudes from wealth, these things don't make a happy person.

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