What I Want in a Movie Lead

March 20, 2018
By Alexis Celis SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Alexis Celis SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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In every movie, you see one of two leads, a female or male, but a question that I recently asked myself is that, why not both? I want a character that can play both parts of a female and male when it comes to movie because in every movie those leads act a certain type of way, a certain type of order, but I want to character who are both these characters. However, in Hollywood things just don’t go the way you want it to be, it’s hard to find a lead that is a part of the LGBT community because it’s a criticism of may have. On the other hand, you have movies coming out like “Love, Simon” with lead roles in the LGBT community, but it only focuses on the fact that they are gay or coming out. I want movie, any kind of movie, with the lead happening to be gender fluid and switching back and forth to the gender they see appropriate for the situation. Not one gender staying consistent throughout the whole movie or movie series, then it would e predictable on the action. A myriad number of people would say that the character I would like would be predictable at some point, but with the character like that it’s already inpredictable enough and I believe the character development behind this character would be extraordinary, whoever it be.

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I was inspired buy the movie Mulan, because it shows a female character taking on a male lead; however, she stays true to her femininity in many parts of the movie and I believe we should have many more characters like that whether they be fighting a war for their father or just doing what’s best for themself. And although she may not be gay or ganderfluid, I believe her to be an ally to the community.

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