The New Era of Gaming

October 10, 2017
By pason BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
pason BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Teen games are often filled with blood and violence. But in this age kids are starting to play them earlier and earlier to a point where they are becoming the new E games (everyone games for kids age 4-10). There are many reasons why this is happening, some reasons have to do with their parents, older siblings, and also because many more teen games are being made now.

The first thing I’m going to talk about is the fact that parents are supposed to be strict and that parents have over the past ten years have been getting less strict. Video game players born before 2000 probably wouldn’t be allowed to play the games that younger people are allowed to play today. This is because of the parents, who wouldn’t allow their kids to play games like counter strike global offensive or c-s go because these games are rated “M” for mature people only, which means 17 years or older. But now you can often go into a ten-year-old’s household and you will find them playing these games or others like Titan Fall (a video game that came out one year ago rated M) which is even worse in the amount of blood gore and violence. It seems like parents either don’t understand the rating system or don’t care to know what types of games their games are playing.

The second reason for younger kids being able to play more mature games is when kids have older siblings. Having older siblings that like to play video games such as Titan Fall causes younger kids to play those kinds of video games or want to. And since their older siblings are playing those video games the little brother or sister naturally wants to play them even more. Sometimes this is because they think they should be able to do everything their older sibling is allowed to do and they beg their parents. Then the parents sometimes get frustrated and just let the younger kids play to make them happy and stop the complaining.

The final subject I will be talking about is the fact that there are more teen games than any other type of game. That means that the majority of the games that your child sees in the video game section of at Target or other store will be teen games. Since there are fewer games made for younger kids they get bored with the younger games and want to start playing new, more mature games sooner. Also, the teen games have more commercials on television and the internet so the younger kids see them more often and get interested in them. Also, younger kids just like to do things they are not supposed to do, it is sort of human nature to want to do something that isn’t allowed.

All of this seems true and is a little scary for parents. Younger kids may think it’s fun but they are seeing more gore and violence than they probably should be seeing. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the future with this topic.  Will teen games keep becoming more normal for young kids to play or will parents and other changes stop this cycle.

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