Do Video Games Relate to Reality?

October 5, 2017
By Nickelodeon BRONZE, Hebron, Kentucky
Nickelodeon BRONZE, Hebron, Kentucky
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What do you think about video games? Mostly everyone thinks video games are bad for you and that you shouldn't play them. In reality they are not bad for you and I will give you some reasons why. So fasten your seat belts as I give you some information about when gaming comes to reality.


In reality we need social skills and hand eye coordination skills right? Well video games help with that and a lot more; Just no one seems to realize it. Video games also help with team work and saying “Good game” to the other team rather than being a sore loser about it. A lot of people however are good sports. Gaming also usually helps with instructions, since you have to learn the controls and the mechanics. If gamers quit gaming they would lose a lot of life advantages. If gamers quit gaming they could be more depressed or moody, since you can escape the real world and go into a different world.

A few people I interviewed said that games do help and deal with life like skills. I asked “Do you think that it is true if i were to tell you the gamers have better hand-eye coordination and coping skills than non-gamers?” Two of them said “Yes,” The other individual said “No,” I asked him “Why do you say that?” He told me “Well because all you need to do is to remember where the buttons are.” That could start a big argument between a lot of people/gamers.

I think games actually do relate and deal with life like skills. A lot of other people would agree, but others, not so much. I’ve played games my whole life and i’ve picked up some of those skills myself. I’ve played games less and less since i have the same games and they are getting a little boring, but i have noticed a gradual decrease in some things. I say “Yes, games do help you with life and the skills needed to survive. Even though there is a lot of other techniques to survive, but these are a few.

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