Advertisements Much?

April 10, 2017
By vanshika__sharma__ BRONZE, NOIDA, Other
vanshika__sharma__ BRONZE, NOIDA, Other
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Advertisements! Advertisements! Advertisements! All around a world rather different worlds of brands influencing us in every possible way.  They stare at us from every nook and every corner. The banners, posters, pamphlets each of them telling some story and question remains the same, isn’t advertisement harmful. Advertisements are basically defined as a paid but encouraging and favourable presentation of the goods and services to a group of people or the masses by an identified sponsor. Many people believe that advertising is to make general public aware and to attract potential buyers henceforth making them a potential customer to the series of the products and services accessible under a brand. In any triumphant business advertising play an essential role. Although it doesn’t mean selling of the product and services but it also helps increasing your sales overall. Most the firms even have their own subdivision for brand promotion, whose main objective is to advertise the company’s commodities, merchandise and services to the public. So, now we can understand how important it is to advertise and in my opinion every important thing is indeed good.

Thinking about it from a different angle, for many brands it has also become an imperative part of their income. For a healthy example, football teams would have much money if they were not sponsored. For the small infuriation of having a logo on the shirt, the football club can afford to buy new players and hopefully win more games too!

Also, nobody is ever forced to look up at the advertisements. One can just turn the television off between the shows or just flick past adverts in the newspapers. If a person doesn’t want to see the commercial, he or she can definitely choose to ignore them. Advertisement industry is a splendid opportunity for those who want to acquire a job. It also provides a platform the viewers to get an easy choice; the salespeople have a lesser opportunity to behave corrupt. The creative level of many adverts is an opening for the viewers to exercise their brains and for the makers to test their skills. Advertisements are much obligatory.

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