Why Dogs Should Be Allowed in Hotels

November 18, 2016
By britt_jarre28 BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
britt_jarre28 BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
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Let's get right to it. Dogs should be allowed in hotels. Studies show that when dogs are away from their owners for too long they tend get depressed. And I mean, I think it’s the same when owners are away from their dogs for to long. Dogs are part of the family, they keep you company when you're lonely, and make sure you're ok when you're sad. So don't you want your family with you when you go out of town?

I understand why right now you might be thinking, If people bring their dogs to hotels, they will be barking all the time, and interrupting the entire hotel. Well they won't, and here's why.

First of all, yes, the dog might bark, but hotels could make half of the hotel for people with dogs, and half of the hotel for people without. And if you still don't agree with that, think about this, most people who have dogs tend to not go to hotels as much if they can't bring their dog, but if they can hotels would get so much more business. Also you might be thinking, well what about the potty problem. Yes, that is a big problem. But personally I think that most people are responsible enough to not bring dogs that aren't house trained. And if they are not responsible enough, hotels could make a rule about it.

So if you think that it is worth it to have your family with you at all times, help. It only costs the hotel a couple of changes.

Thank you for reading.

The author's comments:

I absolutly hate the feeling of leaving my dog behind to go on vaca, just because he cant go to the hotel. so I wrote this article hoping to change peoples mind.

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