September 26, 2016
By Lypheng BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Lypheng BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Being amongst most kids growing up, watching television as a kid was the best thing. As a kid, I would always wonder who voiced the animated characters and how people got to be in shows and movies. Being young I wanted to star in shows and movies, but it was more as a dream than a goal. I didn’t know if it was a career I would pursue or if it was even possible for me. As i’m growing up, I feel as if i can become a Hollywood actor; that it is possible for me to become an actor.  As high school is coming to an end, my indecisive thinking has put acting into my possible career list.


There are many steps to approach in order to become an actor. Before I pursue this career, I want to go to college and have a second backup plan if my acting path tumbles down. First, I would need to take acting classes from an acting school or in college. This can be inevitably obtainable and easy. Acting classes would help me learn how to act, become confident and inform me how to become unique from others.


If I’m serious about acting, I would have to appear in plays outside of school. This can enhance my acting ability by practicing and help me learn more skills and abilities. Being an extra isn’t bad if you’re new to the industry. I would also need to write an acting resume and hire an agent in order to land an open role. A resume would show what I’ve previously appeared in, the languages I speak , my abilities and my skills. With this, my agent can help me look for roles and book an interview for me to show the director(s) if i’m able to take the role.


I’m still indecisive about taking this journey. There would be many obstacles to overcome and that is holding me behind. Help is always needed. The help I need is motivation and support.

I need the motivation and support of family and friends to tell me everything will come to me if I’m determined enough to persevere this career. There would be many temporary downfalls such as: being broke, not getting casted in movies, the feeling of rejection and more. Without help, I would be a blind man taking this journey.


I would lie to you if I said fame isn’t important. Who doesn’t want to be famous? However, I think landing in Hollywood movies and being a small role is enough for me. Fame is only obtainable through hard work and uniqueness. It is not given to you by hoping and making a wish to a flying meteorite. It is a trophy given to you by dedication and determination.

The author's comments:

Watching movies and shows growing up inspired me to write about my dream.

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