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September 8, 2016
By AddieLove GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
AddieLove GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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Emily LeRae Smith. For those who are unfamiliar with that name, Smith is a big social media "star" in terms of fame as well as noterity. She is most commonly known for her high amount of self harm scars. Smith's body is carressed head to toe in self harm scars.


Smith has been under a lot of scrutiny for her scars due to the fact that several people claimed to have been 'triggered' to cut once more after seeing her scars. Her scars are seldom covered as she is most often wearing semi-revealing clothing. Her argument for this is that she should not have to hide her scars because "people are uncomfortable". 


Besides the fact that her scars are highly visible, she is ALWAYS showing them, which leads people to assume that she is only cutting and showing her cuts for attention. After doing a TON of snooping, like I usually do-- I realized that prior to her 'massacred' state and vast amounts of followers she had only taken face pictures. Pictures that only made her face visible. As soon as her suicide attempts as well as her scars grew, her following grew as well. HMMMM. I'm not drinking the sea water, but my cells shrinking. 


Additionally, her face. Even in her state, she hasn't cut her face. All of her body is cut but not her face. Why is her face an exception?


There is a petition to kick her off social media. There is a petiton to save her. Don't drink the sea water.

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