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August 7, 2016
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“Oh Wow! Look at the gift Salman got Jacqueline!”

“Arey wow, Saif looking smarter than ever! What is the secret to this remarkable weight loss?”

“Wow Wow Wow. Does this mean Brad and Angelina aren’t together anymore!? Click the link to know!”

“What did Kylie mean when she said Blah Blah Blah..”

First of all, sorry.

I know no one likes to read things like this (okay maybe once in a while, but obviously not all the time) yet such headlines are constantly shoved in our faces by magazines/blogs/newspapers (looking at you, Teen Vogue).

In a world where such articles are the norm, I believe one has to go out of his or her way to appreciate the very few articles out there that are actually worth reading. Celebrity news can be so entertaining, maybe if we just share the things about celebrities that people would actually want to know, rather than making up breakup rumors? 

A perfect example of decent articles on celebrities could be the “10 Movies XYZ wants you to watch” type ones. It makes sense, doesn’t it? People like movies. Selecting movies to watch can be awfully troublesome since there are many cinematic masterpieces (or terribly planned, clichéd, one lad kills everyone type ones) to select from. People like asking for movie recommendations. So, make the celebrities recommend movies.  Diehard fans of said celebrities might get opportunities to get actual insights into the personalities of their idols since the type of movies we like say a bit about us? And movie buffs might find something decent to watch or at least get an opportunity to assert that XYZ doesn’t know his or her movies despite being in the industry haha.

Everyone wins.

I’ll leave two links to such brilliant articles.

The first is “10 Movies Mahira Khan wants everyone to watch”.

I’ll be honest, if Mahira says watch something, just watch it. She’s wonderful and that’s reason enough to do as she says. Plus she has Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind on her list, so she knows her stuff.

The second recommendation list comes from Bilal Lashari. This guy directed Waar which is without a shadow of a doubt the finest movie to come out of Pakistan in the last few years (he didn’t really have much competition to be fair but still….), so you’ve got to trust him when it comes to movies. I know I do since if I was to make my own list, ) I would have many movies in common with Bilal.

Something about these articles just appeals to me. Firstly, I’ve got a few more movies to watch like Mahira’s recommendation “Kramer vs Kramer”, so that’s always good since one can’t go wrong with watching quality art. Secondly, there is an insight we get into how these artists have evolved by just watching and learning from these movies. For example, could Requiem for a dream’s slow but intense style of storytelling have influenced Bilal Lashari’s Waar? I mean if he liked it enough to place it in his top 10, perhaps he has utilized some of Darren Aronofsky’s techniques in his own filmmaking?

Interesting ain’t it? At least a bit more than fake news about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s split…

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