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April 15, 2014
By johnnie567 BRONZE, Junction City, Kansas
johnnie567 BRONZE, Junction City, Kansas
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People focus too much on the negative side of things of life or the down side of a situation. Life’s too short to not have an open mind and be angry at everything that happens in your life. Hello my name is Alex jones I made my first big hit New York bestselling novel “This is it” at the age of 18 and sold over 3 million copies in the first Month. Was the CEO of two companies by the age of twenty also been to thirty countries and was fluent in over 4 languages. Did I also mention I am multi-million dollar worth man. I did all this we out in going to collage yet. People say I’m a genius I tell those people no I’m not a genius I just work really hard and I look at problems than other people do so that is sets me apart from the other man. On the route I’m going I will never have to set foot on a collage campus because of the rewards of my work and how people view me. My brother named toby was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver at the age of 16 he was my best friend my right hand man and also my twin. On my bad days and bad situations he told me to focus on the better things that could happen because of the problem I was facing. It took me a long time to get over my brother and I was so angry at the world. The angry inside of me that made me make a lot of bad decisions like dropping out high school going to party’s every other day and using drugs. My life was going downhill every day because of the choices I was making for myself. But there is a positive side of this side situation my mom I owe her all the of credit and success because she single handily saved my life. She did it all by herself without a husbanded or a father for her kids. When my brother died I was angry at her for not showing enough emotion for her son but someone had to stay strong for the family and she was the one who did for the family. I’m really glad she did or I would have ended up in jail or prison for the rest of my life. The biggest thing I remember her telling me was “there are things in our life that either break or make us”. When she said this to me one morning that turned my whole life around and I enrolled in high school again because I only missed one year even though I was the smartest kid in my class. My grades didn’t reflect it my mom know I could do better for myself I did too. The next year and I finished up high school and my diploma. After that I got a job that’s when I got this thought to write a book in honor of my brother but who knew that I would become rich and famous for this book and change people’s lives. Many years later when I was twenty three got a call from my mother the she had breast cancer and it was level four cried for many hours after hearing that news. That very next day I got a flight first thing in the morning. I remember asking her why you didn’t tell me before we could have gotten you treatment. She told me she had breast cancer for many years and didn’t even know it. She said she had 1 month left. She told me do not let this break you sunshine you have brighten many people lives already. Let this be a point in your life that you get stronger from this and let this help you in the future. I thought she was so stupid and confused but her words made sense. She died a week a later and her sweet songs she used to sing still rings in my ears everyday. A lot of times I ask myself if this is real life or if I’ve been living in a nightmare that i cant wake up from. I lost the 2 closet people to me in less than 5 years. All of these sad events could have made my life take a turn for the worst but I used these events to make me stronger and now I’m 29 with four kids and a beautiful wife. Always remember you can turn a negative into a positive no matter how bad the negative may be.

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