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November 13, 2013
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Thrill capital of the world or the happiest place on earth?

During the Summer time we can often find ourselves going on vacation. Some go to the beach and others go to Amusement parks. But which park do they go to? Most people lean towards Disney or Six flags Resorts. But which one is better? Disneyland or Magic Mountain. I say Magic Mountain stands over Disneyland By a long shot.

So at first your thinking “this guy is crazy”, But think about it, Magic Mountain is the Ultimate thrill seeker while Disneyland is beautifully designed but lacks the thrill seeking aspect of an amusement park. For example Holly Woods’s tower of terror of terror is beautifully designed and thrilling but compared to X2 there is no contest. X2 has rotating seats, fire, a 90 degree angle drop and it is the world’s only 4th dimension rollercoaster. Not to mention there is music on the ride. Terror of terror is just your basic drop ride with a few neat designs, nothing special. Yes we all love tower or terror but x2 had me when the sets turn you so you are LOKKING DOWN as you drop. Another example would be the famous California Screamin and Tastu. While again California Screamin is beautifully designed with a 100 feet drop it lacks originality. Every park has that one ride that everyone fears but it’s just not original. This I where I would say Magic Mountain am better. They made Tatsu and this ride is like no other. The seats rotate into flaying position so you are on your stomach! Not only does it feel like you are Flying but at sunset the view is beautiful. So why settle for just your average rollercoaster when you can have a new experience?

Other than the rollercoaster’s being a lot more enjoying at Magic Mountain, Freight fest Kills Disney’s holiday in the park. Holiday in the park is crazy but Freight fest is INSANE! Zombies chase you around the entire park, they allow rollercoaster’s at night and they add cool scary features to the rides. Disney to be honest doesn’t offer much during these events for whatever reason except for a nicely designed park. On one of the rides at freight fest x2 has a creepy voice that’s whispers” Is everybody in???.....IS EVERYBODY…….IN? the ceremony is about to begin(x2)(x2)(x2)” before you leave the station and trust me it is scary. I just remember being so amped but nervous when that voice was playing. If you are looking to be scared then drive past Disney and take the exit to Magic Mountain. Disney Really lacks in this category they change almost nothing except the look of the park. The Workers at Magic Mountain really stand out as at Disney they are nice and loyal but they do not go out of their way to make your experience more enjoyable. The workers at Magic Mountain really get into as they always are smiling or making the line wait more enjoyable by starting gam 2es or singing. Also Magic Mountain has 18 rollercoaster’s so if one is closed its fine but if a ride at Disney is closed it ruins your entire day considering there is not even a handful of rides there. On top of that they don’t even tell you what’s closed until you spent your money to get in the park. Talk about being ripped off. I would cry if I got in and California Screamin was closed.

STILL not convinced???????????? Well check this out. The price for a season pass that works at every single six flags park in America It will cost you about a good 80 dollars. This works for the entire year! Now Disney….. Well prices for a day ticket for one person NO park hopper (California adventure not included) will cost you 100 dollars. That’s ridiculous and really overpriced. Think about that a pass for one day for 100 dollars or a season pass for 80 dollars. Some may argue that they won’t go to more than one Six Flags park but why you wouldn’t when Discovery kingdom and Magic Mountain are so close to Each other. When you get sick of x2, full throttle, scream, and Tastu just get in the car drive north and hop on medusa, v2, roar, Kong and Boomerang. Six flags also updates their park often as Disney does not, Disney gets a new ride every 9 years maybe while six flags Magic Mountain has gotten 5 new rides in the last 5 years (supermannx2,tatsu,Green latern, lex luther,full throttle and more)updating one ride x into x2.

All in all Magic Mountain is way better deal and you know it. You get a better experience with usually short lines since there are so many rides. Disney is fun and creative but just not worth all the hype. So all you die hard Disney fans need to think about it for a second. Is Disney really as exciting as you say it is? Or is it really just burning a hole in your pocket. Just something to think about.

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Holly said...
Nov. 21, 2014 at 1:39 am
Great article Josh! Really had fun reading your detailed experience in Magic Mountain, brings back memories. I enjoy riding a lot of rollercoasters, all kinds of types, and maybe you'll be interested in reading this article about an upcoming new ride called "The Skyscraper" check it out if you want :)
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