Gerard Way Has Survived (English Essay)

September 24, 2013
There are so many people in our lives that we love to talk to, to hang out with. They may be friends or family or something like that. But I’m sure there are people that we’ve never met before and would love to hang out with. An example would be, say, a famous person. This could be for several reasons. If there’d be one person I’d want to hang out with, it’d definitely be, without a doubt, Gerard Arthur Way. And not because he’s famous or has money or anything like that (actually, he really didn’t make much money). Because of his personality, straight up. I honestly don’t care about his fame or anything of the like. He’s really easy to connect with and relate to. He’s a real, honest guy who you can talk to about anything. He’s, to be honest, the ideal friend or father. Yeah, he has his imperfections (like any human being), but Gerard is just a simple, truthful guy who’s true to himself with real love in his heart towards everyone.

I know it’s a broad statement, but I admire Gerard for his personality. Gerard…. Where do I even start with him? Well, what I can faithfully say about him is that he really is a child at heart. Gerard has never grown up, and never will. And that’s not a bad thing! No, it’s great. He’s a weirdo with this creative, artistic mind for thinking outside the box. Gerard isn’t afraid of being who he is. No matter what people think of him, he’ll be himself to the end. He was the loser, the outcast in school. Gerard was always picked last for sports teams, the last to be a partner for a project. No one liked him because he was “weird”. Well, that’s just who he is. He was true to himself and wasn’t afraid to show everyone who he was. And now, as well. Gerard also has a deep love and care for people in general. He doesn’t want people hurting themselves. He hates seeing people lost or hurt or depressed. He wants to let them know that someone does care. You can do this, no matter what anyone else says. Just be yourself. You can, and you will make it out alive.

Gerard Arthur Way has overcome so much. He battled with depression, anxiety, drugs, suicide attempts, and alcohol abuse for years and years. He had done nothing with his life. He stayed secluded, away from people in the depths of his shadowed basement with only his sketchbook and twisted, barely functioning, morbid mind to keep him company. Until he witnessed the Twin Towers crashing on 9/11 and saw people jumping from the buildings. That’s the instant everything snapped into perspective for him. Gerard finally realized what a failure he’d been, and that he took his own life for granted. So he started a band, called My Chemical Romance that has a strong message of “Be yourself, don’t take anyone’s crap, and never let them take you alive.” Through the band, he’s become sober for nine years, kicked drugs and smoking entirely, and has such an optimistic outlook on life I’ve never seen before. The band has literally saved his life on multiple occasions. Gerard has shown us that even when things can’t seem any better, life will get alright again.. He’s a reminder to millions of people around the world that life does get better. Just be yourself.

Gerard Arthur Was has inspired thousands upon thousands of kids and adults alike to keep fighting. Keep pushing on, because no matter how bad it seems, things will get better. You can walk this world alone. Raise your voice every single time they try and shut your mouth. Nothing is worth hurting yourself over. Hanging out with Gerard Way would be the greatest thing to ever happen to me at this moment in time. He reminds everyone to carry on. Gee is such an inspiration to people all around the world. You just really don’t quite get it, him, and the band itself until you see what Gerard has accomplished in his life. He has a beautiful daughter and a wonderful wife, four men that have shaped his life (the rest of MCR, along with Bob Bryar, who quit the band right before their album Danger Days) and a bright future ahead of this young artist. Yes, My Chemical Romance is done, but him and the band will never stop inspiring people to just keep on living. Don’t afraid to be yourself and do something with your life. You never know, it might just change the world.

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”
“Be yourself, don’t take anyone’s crap, and never let them take you alive.”
“It’s okay to be messed up, ‘cause there’s five dudes that are just as messed up as you, and we’ve overcome that in order to do what we do.”
“No matter how bad it gets, don’t give up. Always keep running. We will always be there for you. Just turn up the speakers, sing like no one’s listening, dance like nobody’s there. Keep running. Always keep running.”
“I am living proof that no matter how bad life gets, it gets better. I am Gerard Way, and I survived.”

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