It's just wrong

September 6, 2013
By , salamanca, MS
I honesly think its wrong how people can judge others on their skin color. Why do others do this? It's not right. They are humans and are just like the rest of us. So what if there skin color is different. My best friend just happens to be black and I love her to death. She happens to be funny as heck! I have another friend who is native american. She gets judge because, of how natives usually act agaisnt others that's not in there race group. I dont understand why some people have to judge others by their skin color. Ugh!! It's bothers me how some people can be so mean to others. My best friend that's black, she doesn't take affense to the "N" word unless it was intentional. She doesn't really care what others think about her which is good. I honestly could care less whats others think of me because I'm white. We're still human...

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