New or Toys

May 31, 2013
New or Toys

To have the power to make a decision is one of the most challenging situations you can be put into. Just the thought of you making the choice of the outcome of something, just gives people the chills. I recently made a decision that is really impacting my family’s life. A decision on what car we would get, which was a real commitment .A lot of people have gone through this experience, but one thing you can say is that it’s not an easy decision.

It all started on a Thursday morning. Waking up seemed to be normal until the house phone rang. Maybe three or so times, but by then my dad had answered it. Looking out the window at all the rain violently smacking into the window, I noticed that there were enormous puddles everywhere. Turning back to my dad, he told me that school was closed. “A rain day?” I question. Hmm never had one of those before. The day was fine until night had fallen; my sister had to use the car to go to her work. All was good until my dad got a call from her saying that she is stuck in water and that the car is filling up with water up to her knees. ”Are you safe?!” he asked. “Yea, I’m sitting on top of the car now waiting for a guy with a boat.” She explained. Hearing that she safely got out of the car, we just sat there and were imagining what the car looked like half submerged in water. After returning home, my sister told us the story of her escape and how the car was. It kind of made me mad at first, because I was supposed to use the car the next two days. Also, the fact that she shouldn’t have been over by Des Plaines River didn’t change the way of how my parents saw the issue. Seeing that the car was my mom’s, we had to tell her about the car. She was on vacation in Florida and always overreacts with bad news.

A lot of people would normally go straight to a dealer to buy another car, but because the car had to be examined by insurance and mechanics, we had to wait two weeks before we had a number of how much we would get from the totaled car. After the dreadful two weeks of not being able to drive anywhere, my mom and I went to the Ford dealer to clean out the old car and look at some other cars to consider. Arriving at the place, we quickly met Jorge, who was glad to show us some new cars. The best thing was that he wasn’t like all of the normal salesmen. He didn’t sound like he wanted us to hurry up and buy a car. He would ask about the old car and would tell stories of other people and what happened to them on the night of the flood. Seeing that we had a Ford Escape and loved that green machine, we went straight to seeing all of the escapes that they had on the lot. Jorge was pretty enthused to show us this 08 Limited model of it. Walking up to it, we saw that it was white. At first it didn’t seem that appealing, but then we went inside. First thing that was noticed was that it had leather seats. I thought that was awesome because we never had leather before, but what caught my eye the most, was the navigation system and the sound system. Without even getting inside yet, I quickly asked, “Does it have a subwoofer?” Jorge said, “I do not know, but let’s find out!” Hearing that subwoofer in the trunk hit hard just made me fall in love. Although my mom was impressed with the car too, she still wanted to look at the brand new Escapes. Don’t even get me started on how much I hate the new ones.

After a day of looking we soon went home to check online for better cars. Although there were some pretty good cars for good prices, none of them compared to that white Escape that we first saw. No other car that had all the glam and features was for sale. I don’t know why, but that night, all I could think of was having that car. Morning came soon, and all I did the whole day was talk about how amazing that white beauty of a car was. My mom did like the car, but she was all wrapped on the fact that she could buy a brand new car for close to the same price. “A new car is NEW, it won’t have any miles on it!” “Yea but mom, the new one for the same price as the white one won’t have all those features. You wouldn’t be able to GPS your way to places you don’t know and not to mention the backup sensors that will warn you if you’re going to backup into something.” A whole week went by, still didn’t have a second car. I do have to say, it was kind of annoying only having one car that no one could use because my dad needs it for work. You would think that my sister would’ve gotten in trouble for destroying our car, right? Well wrong, she didn’t get yelled at or get any punishment. My mom was a little mad but was keeping her cool and my dad didn’t care much. Even though no one seemed to want to get a car, my plan was working.

One day, my mom couldn’t stand it anymore because she had to take the bus everywhere that she wanted to go to. When I came home that evening, she was talking about that white car to my dad. I guess of me talking about the car everyday to her, she couldn’t resist not liking that car. After dinner, she said, “ We were going back to Ford tomorrow morning.” “To get that glorious Escape Limited, eh?” “Yea we just might.” All I could think was, “We are so getting that car”. Morning soon arose, we left to the fabulous dealer to meet up with our good salesman, Jorge. After getting there, all I could see parked by the front was the 08. After shaking Jorge’s hand once more, my mom asked to test drive one of the new Escapes. All I could think about is my mom buying one of those things. It wasn’t a pretty image, considering it was a base model and had nothing cool inside of it. The thing that makes a car perfect is how good the stereo is. There was no doubt that the white one had the best sound system. We then drove the gorgeous Limited yet again, falling more in love with it, I kept explaining all of the neat new feature this car had that the new base model didn’t have.

There was a moment where my mind was thinking that a brand new car would be better for warranty purposes. My mom was stuck between the two cars, and it was my decision on to which one to pressure her to buy. With the white one, there would be a short warranty, but would have cheaper insurance. With the new one, warranty good for seven years, and plus it would have no miles on it. Without thinking I knew what I had to do. After ringing the bell of buying a car from Ford, we set off back home. Thinking of how amazing life would be now with another car, I would not think my mom would be so nuts about letting it leave her sight. All I can say now is white goes great with our other old red car.

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