The Psychology of Words

May 27, 2013
With me, I have a certain language, I try to calm people, help people, and through this process, I learn the psychology of words. Some astonish people, some make people feel like everything's okay, and others make you feel rage. Throughout the help of others, by helping others, manipulation of the mind comes easy, but you can also feel how others are feeling through text, and then later, you can just tell what people are feeling on the spot. This is what writing is all about, if you can make people care about what happens to a character, or make the character's family member feel like their own, you've done a good job, now if you can make them go through the same, or maybe completely different emotional conflicts as the character, you have created a masterpiece that will last years upon years to come, and this is what gets you known. Not personality, or how much money you have, but how you present things, like a poem, for instance. If you give somebody this blank white sheet of paper, somebody says
"Now what am I supposed to do with this?"
However, hand somebody a neatly written masterpiece, and somebody is bound to ask
"Are you published yet?"
Four words can make a writer's day, formed as a question, the manipulation of the writer's mind has been done, making them want to write more, just out of the pure energy from the appreciation of somebody else who you might have just let read a poem, or an essay, or even a short paragraph of random thought, much like this one. You write to entertain, and entertainers, like Mimes or Magicians, writers or actors, they have to manipulate the mind into thinking,
"This is actually happening somewhere, right now, in this universe!"
But then, the real entertainment shows up, and says
"This is happening to you right now, you are the one trapped inside the ship, as another passes starboard, ready and willing to shoot you down, what would you do?"
And of course, your brain being the easily manipulated thing it is, sees the character do something it thinks is totally wrong, and send a signal to your spine telling it to relay this signal to the mouth, and down to the vocal chords to say
"Why in the Hell did he do that?"
..and yet, nobody cares, because you are the one in the theater getting yelled at, having popcorn stream down your back as the five year old screams
"I can't see the screen!"
and you know he's not watching it anyways, he obviously has his Gameboy, sitting right there in his lap, but wait, as you see, this is entertainment, you sit, and you stare, wondering how you didn't realize this before, heading home, and seeing with your very own eyes, how this could be true, I am really that gullible? No, it's what everybody does, you have the surround sound of the theater, hearing every rumble of the storm, every honk of the horn, and the lighting, who could forget lighting. The language setting the tone, this is the psychology of words, and this is how you write.

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