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Lana Del Rey

May 18, 2013
By BlueSupernova ELITE, Cincinnati, Ohio
BlueSupernova ELITE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Damn it, Ted!"

She's vain but when you look at her you know she's too shattered to be arrogant. She has an exquistite understanding of the world yet has an immaturity to her that makes people raise their eyebrows. She is dramatically beautiful and wise, yet tries too hard to be a symbol. Praised and hated. Will she be remembered as a beautiful star or as a whore? 
Her music is dark, glamourous and dramatic. Some are very critical of it saying she is too weird, trying too hard. They say she is f*ing crazy, the Queen of Disaster. Some love it and see her as a goddess. 
When she went in gq magazine, that is a perfect example of why she is not accepted by all. She's a little off. She's Celia Foote from The Help, she's Amy Winehouse and Marilyn Monroe. Trying, trying so hard, but not quite fitting in. Do you think she fits in with Elie Golding or Kelly Clarkson or even Florence Welsh? No, of course not. Because she's not quite there. Not quite there, because she got naked and posed in a magazine. Not quite there because her songs are too weird for most, not quite there because she wears a wreath of flowers. Not quite there because everyone knows her real name is Lizzy Grant, and when you look at her, you know everything about her, you know she is just some skanky girl who grew up poor in New York City and wants so badly to be an angel in the land of Gods and Monsters. But really, in the land of Gods and Monsters, she would be doubt.
I like her because she's a lot like me. 

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