Movie Adaptations of Books: The end of Good Taste

May 7, 2013
First, let me share something about myself. I am an avid movie lover. You may say you are, but not as much as I am. Movies are my favorite things in the whole world. No matter what genre, I'll see it (unless it's poorly advertised, or obviously a shallow children's movie with absolutely no effort put into it and created just to make money).
In 2010, my friend forced me to read the Twilight saga. They're decent books, not great, but decent. Then the same friend told me there was a movie. She told me to rent it as it was a "must-see". I rented it, and watched it that night.
That film was terrible. Kristen Stewart had no emotion, no characterization. Neither did Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner! Each character had one mood throughout the entire film, no matter what the situation. Needless to say, I never went to see another Twilight film again.
The next day I asked my classmates what they thought of the movie. What they said was troubling. I only received positive feedback! Not one person said it was terrible. That was only the first instance.
I love The Hunger Games series. The books are great. So, of course, I was excited when the movie was announced. I went to see it opening day, and when I left the theater I was disappointed. You don't get to make an emotional bond with the characters, as it's so fast-paced. I didn't really care when certain characters died, or who the bad guys were. The only thing about the film I really enjoyed was Crane's beard.
Again, I asked for my classmates' opinions on the film. Again, I got all positive feedback. I fear that the same thing will happen with the next two Hunger Games movies, and other movie adaptations of books. Soon, movie producers are going to realize that people are satisfied with lazy interpretations of books with bland characters and no effort put into them. Then there would be no more good films like "42" or "Argo"! That would truly be a sad day.

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