Reality TV - What a Waste of Time

April 17, 2013
By , Whitefish, MT
At the end of the day people are tired and want to do anything but watch TV. Unfortunately nowadays it doesn’t offer so many good options. The most part of them are reality TV shows. After dinner you sit on the couch and waste their time watching people fighting and screaming to each other, do stupid competitions and try to convince the audience to let them stay in the program. Reality television consists of programs which show people appearing as themselves in a variety of different contexts. Many reality programs revolve around competitions. The participants can be famous or not people and in this group the program shows their interactions with each other. I watch 5 minutes of the show the Bachelor just because it was filmed in Whitefish and I was shocked that people really watch and enjoy that. How fun could be watching people kiss each other or insulting each other?
Do you really want waste your precious time? Everyone knows how we struggle to do everything in time without stressing out. Instead of watching some show from which you can’t gain anything do something productive or enjoyable: spend time with your family, paint, read, listen to music or if you really need watch TV watch a Disney movie, for sure they are way better.
They don’t make you feel rest and relaxing they make if even worse. They give you all the tension and nervous. You are in your reality life in every moment why watch reality show? Why they are called reality shows if they don’t show any kind of reality, it’s all build up.
In addition to wasting time it affects negatively your mind.
Psychologists Brent Ludwig recommends that you focus upon the fact that reality shows are decidedly not reality. That stipulation goes a long way toward setting boundaries of behavior. Moreover, Ludwig suggests on the Genesis Health System website.

Research from Stanford studies showing that a person who is exposed to 30 minutes of complaining every day, physically damages their brain. It damages the neurons in the part of the brain used for problem solving and cognitive functioning by peeling back the neurons in those areas.
The study of more than 1,100 tween and teenage girls found reality TV — shows like "Teen Mom," "American Idol," "The Bachelor," "Project Runway" and "Jersey Shore" — have mixed effects on girls.
Some people say that watching it make them feel better because it shows them someone who’s conditions are worse them theirs.
Reality TV is offensive to me. Aside from the fact that the silly behavior of the participants is exceedingly irritating, I'm concerned about the distorted and destructive messages it's sending.
Do people really think that what we see on reality TV reflects actual events? Does anyone believe that the people on the show aren't to some extent performing?
Maybe some people like to feel superior by laughing at the characters on these shows, but by choosing to waste their time on such drivel, they inadvertently demonstrate their own lack of discernment.
The problem with the medium of television is that it automatically distorts reality. Being filmed and recorded significantly changes the way people behave.
Reality TV has no point of view except to reveal the worst aspects of human nature and to exploit these for our so-called entertainment. The producers are convinced, perhaps rightly, that people enjoy watching reality stars embarrassing themselves for all the world to see.
The popularity of reality TV is representative of our declining civilization. We no longer read books and our writing skills are practically non-existent. We're clueless or worse, apathetic about history, geography, science, politics and art.
An educated public is an empowered one. Informed citizens who ask important questions and challenge the status quo are the backbone of our democratic society.
If we stop feeding our brains and souls with the false and disturbing images on reality TV and instead, take in something more intellectually and spiritually nourishing, we'll have the opportunity to become engaged citizens with the power to make significant changes in our own lives and in our communities.

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