Jeffree Star: more meaning than what meets the eye

March 22, 2013
Jeffree Star. Two simple words, but a whole different outlook for some. Jeffree is one of the few famous people who attract my attention. He attracts my attention for several reasons. He is a drag queen/singer/makeup artist. In other words, he is Mr. Diva. His music is super controversial, and contains content of murder, being gay, using botox, and taking drugs. Despite everything said, he is one of my most favorite celebrities.

One reason why Jeffree Star attracts my attention is because he is a transgendered drag queen. Even though he is a man, Jeffree does his own hair and makeup. Most of the time, he dyes his hair in bright colors such as blue and purple and orange and pink- especially pink. And the fact that he’s transgendered is what really intrigues me.

Another reason why Jeffree intrigues me is because of his grotesque and controversial music. Some of his titles include: "lollipop luxury", "mr. diva", "'plastic surgery slumber party", and "Louis Vutton" body bag. Judging by these titles, these songs are completely insane. I would agree, but there is something about his music that really defines him and his past experiences. For example, one of his quotes is “hurt me once and I’ll kill you twice.”

The next reason why I love Jeffree Star Is because he is just plain crazy. He carries a butcher knife, taser, baton, and bedazzled gun everywhere he goes in a big leather Louis Vutton bag. And you better believe all of these items are pink. Second, his fashion is absolutely awesome. His clothing line, Vanity sells floral print snapbacks that say either vanity or killin’ it on them. Also, he wore a pair of leggings that had a question mark on the front of them. That just made me like him even more.

Based on these reasons, you clearly should focus your attention on Jeffree Star. He is crazy, controversial, and he makes incredible music.

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