My Public Figure- Super Junior

March 20, 2013
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Has there been anyone who has caught your attention either on T.V or publicly? Every year goes by and there are at least ten new celebrities on T.V or the news. Also, many had retired off of their famous life. A famous music industry, made halfway across the world, had made a singing group called Super Junior. These guys had caught my attention from being very talented, being on public everywhere, and has been working together as a team for a very long time.

Super Junior has been a very talented bunch. All of their voice harmonizes with each other, which makes their music very fun and nice to hear. Their voices range from alto to soprano. They all have roles they set so that they are able to work together. For example, they have three lead singers and two lead dancers. With all of these roles, it makes videos entertaining. They are not only talented for being able to sing and dance. They have talents throughout their everyday life. One member is a math wizard, another is a soccer player, and another is a very fast bug catcher. These talents may seem very weird for idols like them, but these talents seem fun and worthy to know and learn.

Super Junior may only be a Korean music group, but they are known everywhere to most people. I’ve got to know them through my friends and mainly through YouTube. If I was in a bigger state, I would have seen them in live concerts. Fan all over the world, from America to Europe, are all there watching Super Junior. I put my attention towards them because of how they are able to travel and use their music to show people around the world.

My attention is not always towards their ability to shine. Their care for one another has led me to appreciate them. Most celebrities that are in groups usually end on their fifth year of their debut. Unlike Super Junior, they have stayed together for at least ten years. They let their fans know that they would want to stay as a team forever. This made me want to also support them because they care for one another like a family.

Therefore, I appreciate Super Junior because they are talented in many ways, they are known around the whole world, and they all care for one another, even their fans. I admire this group. You should also know your admiring person too. Not just to know their music or their talent, but you can learn about their personal life to care about their dreams.

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