Star Struck

January 8, 2013
When you stand in line at the grocery store, do you notice that almost every magazine headline is about the latest antics of celebrities? Or did you notice that if you log onto almost any website there’s at least one posting about a celebrity and what they did that day? You can’t even watch the daily news without them describing intimate details about the hottest new actress or singer. I bet a majority of you could describe, in detail, what dress J-Lo wore to the Grammy’s almost 13 years ago. But how many of you can tell me what color shirt your friend wore yesterday? Most people know what Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian did for the weekend, but can anyone tell me what your grandparents did over the same weekend? Why are we paying so much attention to people that we don’t even know, but aren't paying as much interest to the people around us? We really need to wake up and engage in world around us, instead of focusing on people that don’t know or care about us and what we've been up to lately.
Today, most people can find out just about any information they want with a couple of keystrokes and the click of a mouse. Instead of using this power to learn valuable information that have the potential to contribute to our lives, we peek into the personal lives of people that aren't doing anything different from the things that you do. They go grocery shopping, deal with annoying neighbors, and even – gasp! – use the restroom. The only difference between them and us is that they have more money, so it looks like they’re doing it better. So why waste your time obsessing over people doing almost the same thing as you? Because they can convincingly read a couple of lines off of a script or belt out a tune really good? Trust me, there’s better things out there to do with your time.

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