Masters prompt the world

December 1, 2012
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Stars are much famous than the masters, who are regarded as the real giants in human history. However, stars are not able to accelerate the world’s proceeding; but masters can.

The masters are those who are mentioned in our history books, various from textbooks to classical works. For example, Luxun in China, Hugo in France and Mark Twin in USA can be called as masters or great men. Because they composed the literature works revealing the substantial of the society and humanity. Hundreds of years later, later generations can still know their names. However, many other writers, who are well-known for the novels like fast food, only to interest the feelings of people for a short time, are more likely to be forgotten later though they might be far more famous than the great writers.

It will take a long time to make a master prominent but a short time to make a star bright on average. To make great pieces of work, masters have to spend years or even tens of years to look into the bottom of the society or art, and then they come out impressive works. Nevertheless, the depth of the masters can’t be appreciate by the common public, so they’ll be famous long time later or then can only be figures known by the top class. Qi Baishi, an extraordinary painter of China, became famous when he was over 60 for drawing shrimps. As a matter of fact, his drawings had been skillful and absorbing when he was young. However, few people had the level to enjoy his works. But at the same time, there were several famous painters who were only at the early twenties. They were famous for their common works. And over 60 years later, we Chinese still learn who Qi Baishi is, but few know who the young “talents” are.

Just because of the long time of steering, masters have much more strength to prompt the development of the society, which can’t be obtained by those young stars eventually. Because being the engine of the world is potentially the opponent to being a star. Masters are famous when they are in the afterward of middle age, so they can congregate enough resource, such as knowledge and relationships, to make an enterprise. But the young stars are interested, or forced, to show off in front of the camera lenses of media, which is a process of running out of the energies of creating. As is known, fame makes people absent-minded. Being famous when one is young is really a brilliant thing, but when you’re out of date, it is bound to be horrible.

To be honest, I think the reason why masters can be honored is just that they give more than the stars. I remember that a professor from Harvard University once claimed: The one who let the public praise their success becomes a star, while the one who let the public successful with him becomes a master.

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