Is Kate Middleton the Most Famous Person of the 21st Century?

December 6, 2012
By , Ballwin, MO
Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, also known as Kate Middleton was born on January 9, 1982 in Reading, England to her father Michael Middleton and her mother Carole Middleton. From the day she was born until the day she lives today, Kate Middleton will have been heard of from all around the world whether she is talked about on television or in magazines or even because of her wealth. Kate became very famous when she married Prince William and became the Princess. There wedding was viewed by millions all across the world as she walked down the aisle in her extremely expensive gown designed by Sarah Burton. Overall, Kate Middleton is the most famous person of the 21st century.

For someone to be famous you must be known about world wide, very very wealthy, and media famous. I believe everyone in the world should know about someone if they are looking to be famous including people in different countries and states. The person shouldn’t just be known about in their own country or state. Most people who become famous are rich. It is known that if you’re famous, you will usually make lots of money. Whether that person shows off their wealth or not, famous people are typically very wealthy. To me, being apart of the media has a big impact on who you really are. If someone is on television or the internet or anything else more than at least five times a year, they are usually famous. Kate Middleton is heard about worldwide, wealthy, and has been viewed on television and the internet more than five times.

Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William gave her lots of fame across the world. It is very unlikely for someone to not know who Kate Middleton is and why she is famous. A few examples showing her fame around the world is when her engagement and her marriage to Prince William was announced to millions worldwide. Prince William proposed to Kate about two years ago. This was very important because people were just beginning to hear about the relationship between the two. The Prince proposed during a vacation to Kenya where he presented his mother’s engagement ring. “The engagement was announced to the world on November 16, 2010 and the couple stood for a photo call at St. James’ Palace followed by a television interview to British broadcaster ITV” (“Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge”). The proposal was the start of Kate Middleton becoming more famous than she already was due to the fact that it was announced worldwide and photographed in the meantime. Her wedding on the other hand had an even bigger effect worldwide than her engagement. Millions of people were waiting for her wedding day to arrive. “Kate Middleton married William, Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne, on April 29, 2011, in a much anticipated loyal wedding viewed by an estimated global television audience of 300 million” (“Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge”). The couple married at Westminster Abbey located in London. Her wedding was very significant to a tremendous amount of people. In conclusion, Kate Middleton is very famous worldwide.

For someone to be wealthy, the must have an abundance of money, valuable possessions, property, or other riches. Kate Middleton qualifies for all of this. Another reason she is famous is because she is wealthy. Her wealth brings attention to her because people become interested on what she has compared to others. Kate Middleton has been rich majority of her lifetime. It all began when her family started their own business. “The Middleton family started a business out of their home called Party Pieces that grew successful over years making the Middleton’s millionaires” (“Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge”). Party Pieces is a mail order business that creates parties for little children. The business marked the beginning of Kate becoming wealthy which carried on throughout her life, even so today. Later in her life, Kate Middleton had to make the decision on what gown she wanted to wear for her wedding. She later picked out a dress that was said to have cost around $400,000. The dress was shown off to many people the day of her wedding. “She emerged from the car in a long-sleeved dress made by Sarah Burton, creative director of the fashion house Alexander McQueen, one of the events most closely guarded secrets” (“Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge”). On the day of her wedding, Kate modeled her extremely expensive gown as she married Prince William. As a result of the start of a family business, Kate Middleton’s family, including her, became rich which led to the purchase of a pricey, yet beautiful, gown.

Most people who are famous are in some way are a part of the media. Whether they are on the internet, on television, or photographed here and there numerous times, that person is most likely famous. For example, the Prince and Princess were photographed together. Middleton and the Prince were often photographed together for their first couple times between 2004 and 2006 and were also hounded by the paparazzi (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge). The paparazzi are people who usually take pictures of celebrities for publication. The publication then becomes part of the media. The fact that the paparazzi were shooting pictures of the couple is important because it brought them fame over the media. Another example where Kate Middleton was “media famous” is when she revealed information about her relationship with Prince William for the first time. “The first remarks ever voiced by Middleton to a media source says, Over the years William has looked after me, he’s treated me very well, as the loving husband he is” (“Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge”). Presenting this to a media source gives people something to look at which brings her fame. Overall, Kate Middleton is media famous after being covered on the media numerous times.

There are lots of other people in the world who people might consider to be the most famous person of the 21st century, although I believe that Kate Middleton is. Some people others might consider are Barrack Obama, Justin Bieber, and Steve Jobs. Obama is the president of the United States; therefore he is the ruler of our country. Although he may do things for other people outside of our country, he mainly only has an impact on the United States. Kate Middleton, on the other hand, is more worldwide. Justin Bieber is a teenage pop singer who has sold many records which makes him very wealthy and popular. Even though he is rich and well known all around the world, his fans are typically young girls where Kate Middleton’s fans are people of all ages. Steve Jobs is the creator of Apple and is a millionaire because of it. His company will live on for years upon years, even though he is no longer alive. Kate Middleton is still alive today and will still be very popular throughout the 21st century. I believe that Kate Middleton is the most famous over Obama, Justin Bieber, and Steve Jobs.

In my opinion, you can only be famous is you are heard about worldwide, wealthy, and media famous. Middleton covers all of those. Her wedding where she married Prince William was viewed all over the world by millions of people. The wedding was altogether was more money than an average person makes in a lifetime. On top of it all, the media, including the paparazzi, always surrounded her and still do even after her wedding was over a year ago. What’s crazy to think is, Kate Middleton came from an average family just like anyone else, yet now she is looked upon as a very famous person in the world. Kate Middleton is the most famous person of the 21st century.


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