Life is a Game of Chess

August 25, 2012
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What can I say about life? Yes, I know I'm still a teenager but, just because I'm barely getting released into the world doesn't mean I haven't had my shares of experiences and problems. Life is explained in many ways, people think life is good while others think their lives are not important and take it for granted.
I say life is a blessing, live your life, put yourself out there and make mistakes, learn from them. Find something that interests you and dream big, life is full of obstacles but, you have the power to conquer them. Your life is you're game of chess, dodge the dangers and pain in life to get to the other side and show others it's not rocket science.
Life starts once your created, but once you enter this world, that's when the adventure begins. Many people think life has no purpose, you are born, you grow old, live a crappy life with many regrets, mistakes etc. with a face full of sadness that doesn't seem to end each day of your life, than you die. I think not, life is what you make of it, not anyone else, don't blame anyone else for your misfortune in life or the pain your enduring when in reality you let it happen. Whatever knocks you down, it's your chance to get back on your feet and start over and get through that tough obstacle your facing. People make mistakes, going to jail, having a baby while still a kid yourself,or just flat out letting your life pass you by while you sit and do nothing, that's the moment where you stand up and say "Enough is enough, I have to stop regretting what the Lord has given me, a life full of wonders and blessings." "It's time for me to start my life."
Life is not all black and white, there are colors in this world, people find things they enjoy doing such as being an actor, or teacher, even a writer. They have already started their lives, but of course there will be those who waist their lives on judging people and their lives. Another obstacle in life, judgment and doubting. Don't let anyone let anyone bring you down by their hurtful words, you do your thing and they'll do theirs, remember LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE.
Many people don't have lives like us, some suffer more than others, such as diseases, homelessness and other things. And people help others to make their lives worth fighting and living for. Sometimes it just takes one moment to change your entire look on "Life."

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